The Difference Between Objective Key Results and Tasks

Objective and Key Results are tools businesses use to impact a certain effect. Not all businesses know how to come up with OKRs leave alone use them, but all have tasks that need to get done. Here are insights on the difference between OKRs and tasks.

A task is something that you do, or a do item. Most people do not understand that a task is not an outcome or a result. Objective and key results are made up of projects and tasks you need to complete to meet the objective. At the most basic level, you have to perform various tasks or actions to complete a project that becomes an outcome.

OKRs are time-bound and based on a very good plan, which means, as an individual or an employee, you have to complete a certain number of tasks every day to make OKRs.

Objectives and Key Results

The simplest way to define Objectives and Key Results is through goals. Most, if not all, companies use a quarter as the standard period to determine the effectiveness of OKRs. OKRs, help you stay on track with your achievements and check on the progress for the key results. You must finish a couple of projects to reach your OKR goal.

The OKR system is quite effective as it instills discipline in employees when it comes to achieving certain goals or milestones. However, tasks form the basis of work being done in companies and organizations. The companies or organizations that push so hard for these tasks to be goals can do this by organizing with the ones from OKR.

Goals comprise results and outcomes, and Since OKRs are about these, companies are ranked and awarded. From what we already know, tasks are part of projects that cater to the Objectives and Key Results set or anticipated when brought together.