Brain Training Games: Do They Have Cognitive Benefits?

While there is a surge in the number of individuals that play brain-training games, there is controversy over accepting that there are cognitive benefits attached to playing such games. Some claim that it can boost your cognitive abilities, while others argue that it does little to nothing. As a result, a new study conducted reveals some missing numbers while picking the puzzles in this regard.

Objective Approach towards Brain-Training Research Study

When you take a critical look into the studies conducted around brain-training apps and games, you will realize most studies do not have exact cognitive skills as focal points. In addition, the study outcomes are not always consistent. The controversy involves cognitive benefits of these apps and games. But a study conducted this test differently while targeting a particular part of the brain.

The study engaged participants and exposed them to two different tasks, one on which they were trained and the other for which they had no training. These two tasks worked the same part of their brains. Both tasks are related tasks despite being trained or not trained. But the comparison was made with an untrained control group participating in the second task only.

What Other Activities are Better than Brain-Training Apps or Games?

From the experiment conducted, the team discovered that having a high score in the first game in which participants received training doesn’t guarantee that they will perform better in the second game. So, the hypothesis that training oneself over one game can make you perform well in another related game, is no scientific evidence to support that claim.

People who didn’t receive any specific training for the first game outperformed those in the second game. It may appeal to you that a brain-training game or app will boost your IQ. Especially after seeing ad copy or a TV ad. The truth remains that there is no scientific proof of support.

Going natural

However, there are other tasks you can engage in to increase your mental agility all round. Such activities include good sleep, regular exercise, healthy nutrition and engaging in educational activities that will force your reasoning cap to expand. All these will increase your cognitive confidence. So, instead of playing video games or spending long hours on brain-training applications try a nature walk.

Wrap Up

Spending time on brain-training apps or games does not appear to have cognitive benefits. Currently, there is no evidence supporting the fact that they can help you perform better than those engaging in the activities. While brain-training apps may be entertaining, start including balanced activities as part of your routine and to become cognitively enhanced.