Tiberius Claudius Caesar Britannicus, heir to the Roman Emperorship

The untimely death of Tiberius Claudius Caesar Britannicus (February 12 AD 41 – February 11 AD 55), who was the true heir of the Roman Emperorship, was denounced by his stepbrother Nero, under the influence of Agrippina, Nero’s mother. Britannicus was the son of Claudius, the Roman Emperor, and his third wife, Messalina. Messalina was found with an atrocity of a bigamous marriage and the plot to overthrow Claudius.

They were then put to death by Claudius, who had learned of the secret affair for more than a year. Claudius was recklessly exposing the affair and plotted with Sillius, her lover, to overthrow Claudius. Th Tiberius Claudius Caesar Britannicus (February 12 AD 41 – February 11 AD 55) does not work.

Death of Mother and father

Britannicus was left without a mother. So, Claudius, the Emperor, married Agrippina and adopted Agrippina’s son, Lucius Domitius. Claudius later changed the name to Nero and concealed that Nero was an adopted son. Nero soon married Octavia, who was Britannicus’s sister. This act placed him as the potential heir of the Roman empire. Agrippina was aware of this possible chance and plotted the plans to kill Claudius. However, Nero was not part of the plan yet, as he knew he would be the Emperor after Claudius. Agrippina hired Locusta, the poison maker, to kill Claudius. After Claudius’ death, the potential crowning of the toga was now not possible.

Death of Britannicus

On the other hand, Nero was reminded of his position and power. Agrippina reminded Nero that the true heir was Britannicus. Nero’s hatred grew, and he plotted on how he could easily kill Britannicus. The poison maker Locusta was again hired.

Her initial doses failed substantially. Nero made Locusta mix the poisons in his presence. A strong concoction was soon realized. He immediately had the poison added to Britannicus hot drink as water when Britannicus requested that the drink be cooled. Britannicus lost his life and breath almost immediately. Nero became the Emperor of the Roman empire. All potential witnesses were either bought at high prices or destroyed.