Mending your tumultuous relationship

Are you engulfed in a tumultuous relationship? Are there patterned disagreements and fights?

It is only normal to encounter serious troubles in relationships, but these issues constitute what builds a relationship.

However, in some cases, these problems graduate from minor misunderstandings to major roadblocks, turning a healthy relationship into a tumultuous one. Tumultuous relationships are turbulent relationships. They lie at the edge of breaking apart due to consistent misunderstandings, fights, disagreement, and emotional agitation.

Tumultuous relationships are usually erratic, abusive, or controlling, which are symptoms of a toxic relationship. Suppose you are in this situation and wish transform your tumultuous relationship into a healthy one. In that case, continue reading.

How to fix your relationship

Fixing a turbulent relationship is feasible. Although it does not work like mobile devices, It does not get fixed overnight by tapping the factory reset button. It takes time and a lot of patience. 

Relationships (romantic) involve two parties, so efforts cannot be one-sided. You and your partner must make conscious efforts and to the work geared towards creating and sustaining the relationship.

Talk and Listen to your partner.

Many issues are resolved with a simple, open, and genuine conversation. Have a deep conversation with your partner, discover the problems and talk about them. Talk about the things you are uncomfortable with, areas where change is needed, and what triggers the patterned disagreements, talk about everything. Listen to your partner too. Effect change in things discussed immediately and try as much as possible to sustain the change.

Be ready to compromise.

You must be willing to compromise and accept that things can’t always be your way. You and your partner should be willing to make sacrifices for each other and trade parts of your character in exchange for new ones that will help you both bond faster and stronger.

Treat each other with love and respect.

Create a space for mutual respect. Express and reciprocate love, attention, and care. Treat them just the same way you will love to be treated.

Re-establish emotional connection

Spend quality time together. Do those things you both did when the relationship was still young and beautiful. Complement each other more often, pay attention to your partner’s wants and need, do things that make them happy. Remember to play more.


The efforts must be mutual. One-sided work will not produce good results. Even after doing everything, there may still be a little misunderstanding between you and your partner, but you have to settle in love. With a little time and consistent effort, you’d be enjoying your healthy relationship again.