A home is essential for every human being. It is a place of solace and peace, a shelter to lay your head, and protection from the elements. 

To be homeless is to feel like hope has left you. The lesson here is that life throws you off your feet to find yourself. 

When life shows you pepper, you can either sit down and wallow in self-pity; or make delicious pepper soup. 

A collapsed mindset can maintain homelessnessThis includes

  1. Lack of understanding of your purpose
  2. No clear goals or plans, lots of complaining
  3. Feeling lost and wallowing in self-pity
  4. Turning all your feelings into tools for creating enmity 
  5. Allowing a temporary state of hunger pushes you to lose much more than a home by picking up unhealthy habits 
  6. Blame everyone but yourself for your misfortune
  7. Refusal to learn, passing over opportunities 

One turning point is to grasp opportunities no matter how small we think they are to flip to a success mindset

The Success Mindset:

  1. Understand that losing a home doesn’t mean you’ve lost your purpose. 
  2. Set clear goals and smart plans to elevate your level. 
  3. If you feel lost, channel this feeling positively. Don’t stay lost forever.
  4. It helps to have a friend to whom you can talk. When in need, get a friend indeed. Homelessness reveals your true friendship. 
  5. Let the hunger light a fire within you. The hunger must push you to act. It must awaken that desire for success.
  6. Believe in yourself. You are perfect. Believe that you are worth something. Someday, you’ll be worth even more. Take ownership of your life. 
  7. Be willing to learn, relearn and evolve. 

Turn Misfortune Into Fortune. Take the bold step to success. Don’t look back. You can do it.