An apple a day keeps the doctor away unless they are sour and must be thrown away!

You must choose to cut anything or anyone who would hold you back from fulfilling your purpose to become content. 

According to Sammie Rhymes, a relationship expert: How do you identify toxic people?

Let’s classify them into two sections: mental and physical abusers. You may experience one or both in a relationship. 

Mental Abuser: In any relationship, mental abusers make you question your sanity. They put you through so much emotional turmoil, which can lead to a breakdown of your body system. 

Mental abusers make you distracted. You may even lose sleep due to the brunt of their words. This sour apple must be thrown out. An example of a mental abuser is a person lying, gaslighting, putting you down, and cheating nonstop without respect for their partner. 

Physical Abuser:

In any relationship, physical abusers breed fear. They exercise absolute power over you physically. One sign you will notice is they are easily angered. 

It is toxic when your relationship gets to where pain and injuries are consistently inflicted. It’s time to throw away that sour apple before your physical countenance is altered. 

Here are some self-imposed limitations that stop you from throwing away a sour apple:

‘What will people say?’ mindset: 

Why do you care what people say anyway? They won’t live with you in that relationship. 

Influence from friends:

Your friends will either make or break you. Get yourself friends that’ll speak the truth to you when they notice you’re in a toxic relationship. 

Personal gains:

Money, status, and fame have kept some people constantly juicing the relationship with sour apples. Don’t be tempted to give up your sanity for the temporary pleasures of life. 

Family pressure:

It’s real. The pressure from family to not disappoint is strong. With family, you should be open to suggestions but firm in deciding. The toxic relationship may even come from family. Apply wisdom in throwing away any sour apples. 

Cut Them Off 

Just do it. Don’t think about it, don’t overanalyze. Cut them off and do not look back.

Note you may also be a toxic person. Throw away the sour apple in you as well.