Peace is a state of calm and tranquility within the storm of life. Peace comes from within, not without. The Oxford dictionary describes peace as, ‘Freedom from anxiety, disturbance (emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical) or conflict. 

The value of a serene environment cannot be understated. Here are some tips you can use to create a peaceful environment.

  • Breathe:

Deep breathe in… Deep breathe out… Focus on your breathing.

Breathing isn’t something you do. It is a force, a medicine, and a mechanism through which we gain an almost superhuman power that can help us remain at peace with our environment.

  • Meditate:

Focus within, on the mind. Block away from the noise. Stretch while you meditate. Be refreshed by the renewal of your mind. Increase your clarity of understanding and align with your true nature. This spills into a peaceful environment.

  • Clean your environment:

Focus on the beautiful—declutter to maintain the beauty. Beauty is a mental pacifier. Enjoy the beauty of clean. Make maintenance a regular habit.

  • Rest:

Focus on detoxifying your mind and body. Unwind and rewind. When you rest, ensure your mind is at peace. You achieve more with good rest.

  • Plant flowers:

Focus on purifying the air. A small flowerpot or vegetable garden would do. Flowers serve as aesthetics. You can plant some of your favorite veggies to feed your peace.

  • Drink water, mind your business:

There’s nothing more peaceful than being hydrated. Channel your energy to minding your business and achieving results. 

  • Make peace with yourself and others:

Focus on building solid relationships. Peaceful relationships go a long way in encouraging a peaceful environment. Live at peace with yourself, and you live at peace with others.

  • Eat Healthily:

Healthy eating helps to maintain your serenity. This contributes to your growth.

You Only Live Once. Surround yourself with serenity. Growth will follow you.

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