The reality of life is: ‘Business is not a level playing ground for both men and women.’ Women can be successful in business just as much as men. The Figure 8 Woman Connect, a community that empowers women to own their stories, shares their philosophy with us on this.

Think like a man. Act like a woman:

Men have different mindsets, zeal, and spirits towards success. To gain power as men do, you must adopt their mindset and working patterns. Combine that with the power and influence of a woman. Become INVINCIBLE. 

Just Do Business:

There will always be critics who try to limit you, saying, “You’re a woman.’ Forget all that nonsense. Simply do you. Make sure you’re doing good business.

Harness Your Business Skills:

Nothing does the magic better than building and elevating your mindset and business skills to a top-notch level. No one can ignore or deny if you’re truly skilled, disciplined, and diligent in work. Male or female. The value of constantly improving your business skills cannot be understated.

Be Feminine:

Feminine is the natural feature of a woman. It is not physical. It is her hormones, her emotions. It is in the way she behaves. Don’t lose your femininity to compete with the man. There is a place in the business world for both men and women. 

Evaluate your values:

For what does your brand stand? What is your unique business voice? Do a SWOT analysis. Strength? Weaknesses? Opportunities? Threats? The Business world will test you. Know your values, or you’ll slip.

Believe in your product:

Don’t be shy to sell. Sell your products. Invest in advertisements. Work diligently towards improving the quality of your products. Create a system of constant cash flow. Your employees will emulate whatever standard you lay down. Keep proper accounts.

Plan, Strategize. Re-plan, Re-strategize:

Create a SMART plan.

Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic. Time-bound.

Set long-term and short-term goals. Develop good strategies to help you achieve your goals. Regularly revisit your plans to adapt.

Set-backs are inevitable:

Learn from failure and go harder. Don’t stop until you’ve won.

Find Your Niche 

Stick with it