No one is an island. We live and operate with our fellow humans. A difficult neighbor may cause a lot of discomfort. Here are a few suggestions to handle a sticky situation:

  • Set Clear Boundaries:

One reliable way to deal with difficult neighbors is to set clear boundaries. Speak up in uncomfortable circumstances. Nightmare neighbors are less likely to cause trouble with you if the boundaries are clear.

  • Self-Respect:

Respect yourself, and others will respect you. Do not pass your boundaries with them as well. If you share a house with them, don’t take their things without asking for permission as housemates. Inform them before making decisions that affect the house.

  • Be Nice to them:

Attitude is everything. Bake them something nice. Kindness discourages anyone who may be up to mischief—an African folk story about a girl who saved her life through her kindness to neighbors. Two neighbors were sent to kill her at home. They changed their minds due to her kindness. This doesn’t mean that you should become a doormat. This means that you must become deliberate in showing acts of kindness.

  • Speak out:

Perhaps, your nightmare neighbors play their music a little too loud. Your neighbor’s dog is too loud. Your neighbor’s children are nosy. Don’t keep quiet. Don’t complain in the shadows. Don’t spread empty gossip. Speak out. If it doesn’t bring about immediate change, you know you tried. Keep the conversation friendly and light. Do not attack the person. Address the issues on the ground. Provide solutions.

  • Report Suspicious behavior:

If you notice any unusual actions, report neighbors to authorities close to you

  • Ignore Gossip:

Nightmare neighbors can be gossips who spend their whole time talking about others. The best way to deal with such a problem is to ignore gossip. If it becomes thoroughly unpleasant, speak up. Do not gossip about others. People who gossip about others to you will gossip about you to others.

  • Try Compromise:

You can’t always have your way, and that’s okay. If a neighbor is unbearable, try to let go of things so you can build a better relationship with them.

  • Forgive:

Every time you forgive is the chance for a new start.


You may be the unbelievable nightmare neighbor too.

Change Your Ways. 

Embrace and accept others.