A social media goal is a statement of the things you wish to achieve along your social media marketing journey. Some common social media goals that are important for businesses big and small are; brand awareness, lead generation, getting more followers, generating website traffic, growing business revenue, boosting brand engagement, etc.

Before starting any of your social media goals or campaigns, it is important first to have a social media marketing strategy. This gives you an overview of how you can achieve the goals you set for your business. It could be a thousand followers monthly, a thousand leads monthly, a hundred sales weekly, etc. 

These goals will not be achieved easily without setting up a strategy to guide you through hitting the target.

A social media strategy outlines your social media goals, the most suitable tactics, and the metrics you would use to track the goals.

Setting up a strategy for your social media is one thing. Meeting the goals in the strategy is another thing and may not be easy. 

Why set social media goals?

 Setting goals for your business is very important, not just social media. 

● it gives you a sense of accountability and makes you keener on achieving your goals. 

● Setting goals also helps you manage to spend and minimize unnecessary costs. Because you already have a plan and have developed easier strategies to carry out, you will spend less money than someone who jumps into it without a plan. 

● Without goals, workers find it difficult to pay attention to data which is very important in online marketing.

The above is why many big Businesses employ the services of a digital marketing agency to help them set and meet these goals. 

 A good question will be, How can a digital marketing agency achieve our social media marketing goals. Below are seven 7 proven ways a digital marketing agency could do that.

1. Creating a well-planned and organized strategy for the goals:

A strategy helps you reach your goals faster and cheaper. A digital marketing agency helps you create the best strategies that will cost-effectively bring you to your goals and beyond.

2. Specifying the goals:

Setting well-specific goals by clearly defining who your target audience is and what you wish to sell to them. 

After identifying your specific audience, you can state what you wish to achieve with them, like “100 leads monthly”, “200 followers weekly,” etc. The more specific your goal is, the easier it is to reach and even scale it.

3. Setting Measurable goals:

To be able to track and monitor your progress, a digital marketing agency helps you set goals that are quite measurable. Setting measurable goals keeps you focused and motivated to meet deadlines. 

The closer you reach your goals, the more the excitement builds up. This increases the level of motivation to work. An immeasurable goal is “increasing website traffic” while this is achievable, it is more result driven to set something more measurable like “increase website traffic by 10%.”

4. Attainable Goals:

A digital marketing agency will most likely set attainable goals for your social media, something possible to overcome by or before a specified time.

As much as you want to be optimistic, it is better to be realistic with your goals. Setting unattainable goals and not meeting up with them is a good way to kill your motivation and attitude at work.

An example of an unattainable goal is- having 1000 leads and hoping to make 1000 sales. While this is theoretically possible, it is unrealistic, and not meeting this goal might have a toll on your competence. Instead, set a much simpler goal like `out of 1000 leads, I’m going to make 500-600 sales`.

5. Relevant goals to your business: 

A digital marketing agency restricts its goals to only those of high reliance. There is no need to waste money, time, and effort on a goal that will not drive a company forward or, even worse, one that may drive it backward. 

So goals must be carefully set and ensured they are appropriate for a company’s success.

6. Time-specific goals :

Generally, a job is done faster when there is a deadline or end date. Creating deadlines for your goals boosts your speed and increases motivation, thereby driving better results. An example is “1500 followers before the end of the third quarter of the year.”

Our smart team of digital marketing experts is here to set SMART goals for your business’s growth. Do not hesitate to contact us for further inquiry. DRangaves@DianaRangaves.com