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Michael Reynoso Book Review of The Adventures of Rosy Posy Papillion ” I believe that each character is created equally and they teach children valuable life lessons about the value of friendship. If I were to grade this book, I will give it an A+ for originality and concept.”

“I was long past the point of fear, walking down the corridor away from Dr. Afroz Ahmed’s office. A three-decade career halted abruptly. The trajectory of my life transformed…..”

‘The Monster’ – Op-(m)ed and Author QA published by Doximity

Lu Ann Worley ~ Rockin Book Reviews Interview on YouTube Interview on YouTube 

Take Two Pills Podcast Loren Gory Interviews Dr. Diana Rangaves: Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

The Ethical Hacker ~ ACIDEMIA

A suspense thriller novel series. An imprint of author Diana Rangaves, PharmD

Fun Interview with Hardy Publications!

Bruce Hurwitz Presents Diana Rangaves: Embrace Your Excellence! Opioid Addiction Prevention Approach Blog Talk Radio

Bet the Jockey with Joshua Wilson: WRITING for GOOD ~ Diana Rangaves Interview

Bruce Hurwitz Presents Diana Rangaves: Escape into Excellence! How to Build a Foundation for Honest Decision-Making Blog Talk Radio

About our discussion she says, “Use every dimension available; social, personal, cognitive, and knowledge, to make decisions in the highest level of integrity. In our discussion, we will cover the time, language, and knowledge necessary to engage in ethical, thorough, and reflective decision making, so when you press the send button, whether through cyberspace or in person, you do so with great confidence that you have made an ethical, empathic, and reasoned decision. We think about our thinking by being aware and understanding Neurotransmitter Ticklers, STAR template for problem-solving, Habits of Thinking, and the Q Intelligence we all have within.”

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  • Reading With Your Kids ~ Jed Doherty ~ ~ PODCAST

    In this episode, we discussed

    • More about The Adventures of Rosy Posy Papillion,  Inspiration for the title and story of this book
    • How does this book help children and parents
    • Dr. Rangaves talks about donating 100% of her royalties from the book and what made her decide to give her earnings from the series to Pap Haven Rescue?
    • What kind of conversations parents and kids can have after reading this book
    • Dr. Rangaves shares some great tips and advise on parenting such teaching kids about bullying and standing up for people who are in need.
    • What adventure is next for Rosy Posy and much more. Be sure to tune in to this insightful episode!

  • Hey everyone, welcome back to yet another fun-filled episode of the Reading with Your Kids Podcast. Our guest today is probably best known as pharmacist but she is much more than just that.  She is a full-time writer, editor, award-winning teacher and the author of The Adventures of Rosy Posy: Friendship – a children’s series. Please welcome Dr. Diana Rangaves to the RWYK podcast!

    In our exciting interview today, we discuss The Adventures of Rosy Posy: Friendship , What inspired Dr. Rangaves to write her first children’s book, How can parents use her book as a tool to start some meaningful conversation with their child, her adult books, upcoming books in her children’s series and much more.

    Overall, there is a lot of incredible knowledge shared and insight to Dr. Rangaves’s life and what motivates her to create great content for people. Tune in as Dr. Rangaves talks about her positive, warm, child-centered & fun book!

  • CS Dorsey Interview ~ Escape into Excellence~ Dr. Diana Rangaves, PharmD, RPh

Schmidt Talk with Savvy Schmidt

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Michael Reynoso Book Review of The Adventures of Rosy Posy Papillion ” I believe that each character is created equally and they teach children valuable life lessons about the value of friendship. If I were to grade this book, I will give it an A+ for originality and concept.”

C.S.Dorsey Review    butterfly.jpg

Escape into Excellence~ Dr. Diana Rangaves, PharmD, RPhEscape into Excellence: Building a Foundation for Honest Decision-Makingexcellence

I would like to welcome back Diana Rangaves. She had stopped by to introduce her newest book. Escape into Excellence ….read more.


Readers' Favorite  5-STARS Readers’ Favorite
The Adventures of Rosy Posy Papillion ~ Friendship
The story is delightful and children will love all the characters featured in the story. The illustrations simply make the concept; the message, scenes, and characters are brought to life, enabling children to connect well with the story. The friendship song is adorable and can be used to sing when with friends. It is a good bedtime storybook and the concept makes it perfect for read aloud and storytelling sessions in classrooms. Children need more stories like this so that they learn how to make new friends. I liked all the characters in the story as they are all lovable and cute. Who is your favorite character in the story? Is it Rosy Posy, Raoul, Abu, Jamal, Circe, Ailani, or Yukiko? …read more.5star-shiny-webperf8.500x8.500.indd


Reviewed by Ann Foster, M.A., Professor, Santa Rosa Junior College, Network and Reading Apprenticeship Coordinator
Escape into Excellence: Building a Foundation for Honest Decision-Making
Escape into Excellence: Building a Foundation for Honest Decision-Making shapes students’ critical thinking skills and ethics through student-centered learning activities, practical tool kits, case studies, and readings. The material increases confidence and helps students make their own “personal best” choices.excellence

Weaving together her discipline expertise, teaching experience, and knowledge of how people learn, Dr. Rangaves offers …read more.


Reviewed by Pharm Student
BOOK REVIEW: Embrace Your Excellence
To best prepare students for careers in today’s evolving healthcare model, Embrace Your Excellence: A Psychopharmacology Primer and Mirror to the Soul combines sound instruction in psychopharmaceuticals with a modern, compassionate, holistic view of patient care.embraceexcellence

The book uses an instructional model that includes comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of learning to give students a thorough understanding of stimulants, depressants, opiates/opioids, hallucinogens, and neuromodulators….read more.

Reviewed by Ronald Hull
 Our 4 legged friends need love too
You are truly a multitasker. It’s a wonder that you have time to write at all. What I found most interesting was that you work with a “legitimate” publisher. Probably through your nonfiction writing about health issues, you were picked up by a publisher and therefore, had a way to begin publishing fiction. The whole tenor and tone of this article is a promotional piece by a publisher written in the third person and perhaps, not even by you.I always believe in the cliché, “cream rises to the top.” The avenues to publishing and presenting work to the public is changing rapidly. Like always, with luck and exposure, the best will eventually shine.

You have a niche that appeals to two avid groups: parents buying children’s books and dog lovers. perf8.500x8.500.indd

Ronald W. Hull, author of The Kaleidoscope Effect, War’s End, American Mole: The Vespers, Alone? and his autobiography, Hanging by a Thread.  


Reviewed by Sonoma County Gazette
BOOK REVIEW: New Children’s Book with More Integrity than Most Politicians
The Adventures of Rosy Posy Papillion: Friendship is the first in a new children’s book series that addresses values that are important for future generations. Raising well-rounded children who are decent people that contribute to society is getting more and more challenging in today’s world.                                                                  perf8.500x8.500.inddBased on the real K-9 herself, in the first book……read more.