6 Tips on How to Attract More Customers to your Content Services

“Marketing is the engine room of all businesses,” says Brian Sher. Globalization and advancement in information technology have simplified the online buying experience of consumers and prospects. This has made companies include online marketing as part of their business strategy.

“Content is King” is a common phrase in online marketing. Many consumers base their buying experience on how rich and engaging website content captures them. Freelance writers or content marketing agencies that provide blog writing services, content writing services, or even website content creation services must create content that always meets the needs of their customers.

Creating content that engages your customers increases the visibility of your blog by bringing traffic to it. This also helps your blog to rank higher on search engines and makes your customers’ always come back for more. Read on to learn six tips you can use to attract more customers to patronize your website.     

1. Encourage Customers to Share their Stories and Testimonials

Everyone loves a good story. The hero’s journey is a common thread within all our lives. Nurturing your customers to share their stories and testimonials of how their businesses have benefited from your content, product, or services can convert prospects into customers. This could take the form of written articles, blog posts, videos presented on your website, or popular channels like YouTube or Facebook. 

Testimonials can easily convince new prospects to patronize your web content. These include

  • Recommendations
  • Customer service levels
  • Enhanced conversion rate
  • Clicks rates
  • Data on the increase in subscribers
  • Higher page ranking

2. Pay Close Attention to Trending Challenges in your Niche

One simple way you can stay ahead of competitors and keep attracting quality leads is to pay close attention to trending questions. This can be in the form of questions many consumers are asking in the online marketing hemisphere. Subscribing to websites such as Quora, Reddit, and Yahoo Answers provides you with online shoppers and users alike. Offering answers on your website will give you leverage as a go-to information and value source.  

 3. Use Photos as a Competitive Edge

Stunning photographs are eye-candy that attracts viewers. Photography sites like Instagram and Pinterest have experienced exceptional growth. This is because they leverage photos to carve a niche for themselves in the online space. You can attract new prospects and retain existing customers if you learn how to use photographs as a competitive advantage in your website content creation.

Studies indicate that 87 percent of Facebook engagement happens with photo posts. You can incorporate photos as part of your content creation services to tell your organization’s story and enhance your brand. This will also educate viewers to your products, services, and broadcast the news.  

Sharing on your website photos of existing customers interacting with your products can portray your brand as having a human face. This can give you an edge in attracting prospects. 

4.  Provide Useful Writing Tips

Offering useful writing tips to prospects and existing customers alike can make your blog writing services stand out as an authority among content marketing agencies. To attract new clients, you can offer services such as plagiarism, Copyscape Pass, and grammar check as a token when they sign-up for your blog writing service. Some other benefits of delivering writing tips to customers on your website include:

  • Increases the visibility of your brand
  • Develops lasting relationships with your customers
  • Improves your brand awareness and recognition
  • Creates trust and loyalty, with both your prospects and current customers
  • Builds credibility and authority
  • Positions your business as an expert in the content marketing industry
  • Generates traffic to your website to boost lead generation
  • Opens a medium of communication through comments and social shares
  • Encourages your customer to move through the purchase decision more quickly
  • Provides value to your customers’ business

Furthermore, one of your duties as a content marketer is to help customers in optimizing their websites for better search engine experience. Given this, customers and prospects alike will naturally expect that your website is regularly optimized for better users’ experience.

In addition, offering useful tips on your website regularly, which can take the form of videos on SEO and other writing areas, can endear more prospects and customers to your website content writing service.

5. Provide Trending and up to date Information

Every business on the internet wants their websites to rank high on search engines. Helping your customers’ companies, rank high on search engines increases their conversion rate by generating lots of traffic to their websites.

Part of your marketing plan as a content writing service, regardless of the niche, is you must stay abreast of current trends that can add value. For example, as a content writing service provider in the medical niche, E-A-T is essential. This stands for expert, authority, and trust. In your copy, it is vital to document statistics, figures, and facts about the prevalence of ailments from reliable, academic sources. This positions you as an authority in the niche.

6. Provide Customers Case Studies

Case studies are great marketing strategies that attract quality leads to your blog writing service business. Case studies go beyond giving simple testimonies; they provide factual reports of the implementation of your blog writing service and the resulting data.

Providing case studies on your website or social media as to how your blog writing services shape customers’ businesses turn prospects into paying customers. Some other benefits of using case studies to attract customers include:

  • Create helpful resources that can boost sales
  • Turns your blog writing services into stories
  • Helps you discover your business brand Evangelist

The Customer is King in the business landscape. Remember to always provide value before the ask. Give potential clients useful tips, and they may return as customers and remain loyal to your business. The future is bright for your business and your clients.

Diana Rangaves is the founder of ClinicalConsultantServices.com and DianaRangaves.com, and has extensive experience and expertise in all levels of content creation, SEO keywords optimization, and website content.

10 Rules for Success in E-commerce Marketing

It is a requirement of businesses’ to marketing their service or merchandise to thrive.

When doing so, it is imperative to remember that search engine optimization (SEO) is vital and interrelated to content marketing.

SEO is what brings the customer to the page, and the information is what keeps them there. There are some tips to fulfill e-commerce content marketing profitably.

1.      Customer Care

The objective of e-Commerce marketing or for any business is to secure and retain clients. It is up to the website content writer to maximize the SEO keyword research and offer content that the masses are interested in caring about. Knowing what questions to ask the search engine alleviate many headaches in finding what the public is demanding. In addition, getting information on what is needed maximizes your site, enhances ranking on search pages and reduces calls.

2.      Products and Services

It is critical to match the content to the products and services that are being offered. This is an obvious stipulation, but it tends to be overlooked. According to Google, 15% of searches are something new, and only a portion is essential to the business. It is up to the website content creation services to make sure this does not occur. Their job encourages visitors to dig deep into the site and establish your company as an expert in the field. Keep in mind selling dishwashers should not match search results for those selling sports memorabilia.

3.      Linking Pathways

It is fundamental to provide users with proper links. If a customer gets lost or required to click unnecessarily, they will bail never to return. Therefore, the header and footer are indispensable for navigation. Engaging the shoppers, searchers, and search engines through proper links enable them to get the products and information they are looking for. Make it easy for them.

4.      Don’t Push to Sell

The soft sell is the cardinal rule for merchants on e-commerce to be productive. Companies want customers to land on their site and magically be whisked away into a buying frenzy. This does not happen without planning and forethought of the content that is created. Develop a relationship with the person behind the blog writing service because they can help promote your company’s desires. For the most part, information on the products or services being offered should not be pushy. It should not overwhelm the customer. Sometimes just a sentence detailing a product or a picture works wonders. Allow the shopper to browse without intimidation, gives them the freedom to think, look around, and buy.  

5.      Avoid Microsites

It is necessary to rank among search engines the content must be on the merchant’s primary website and not on a microsite. A microsite is another website with independent links and is not beneficial to a natural, organic search.

Yes, links on the microsite revert to the eCommerce site. However, it will not add any value because the search engine understands that it is a self-owned site.

The company will also lose any interlinking opportunities with content hosting as well. Instead, consider syndicating content.

6.      Syndicate Content

When the content on the e-commerce site is not attracting the right audience, an excellent step may be to syndicate content. Here offering your content to other sites for their use may outweigh a need to host the same material on the company website. Maintaining the SEO, the merchant should contractually demand that the host site use canonical tags for referencing back to the home site.

7.      Warnings for Publishing of Syndicate Content

Keep in mind that publishing content from another source does not have any weight for SEO. All it is doing is helping that site rank. Also, without any canonical tag, duplicate content will lose value for SEO in each location.

8.      Mix Content

A mixture of material is significant in ranking with SEO. Blog writing services vary between long-form content, short-form and ultra-short blogs, which sparks SEO. These can take on different forms such as listicles, how-to, eBook, a step-by-step guide, or a video with a transcript. Always the best ranking comes with what the shoppers will benefit from the most.

9.      Know Your Audience

It is necessary to speak directly to those your company is trying to attract. Bu knowing the type of people or your buying demographics, you customize articles to convey your message. Use words that are popular among the crowd. For instance, selling sporting goods is a lot different than selling Rolex watches. Here is what is said about a Rolex Yacht-Master 42:

“On the Yacht-Master 42, the bidirectional rotatable bezel is fitted with a 60-minute graduated Cerachrom bezel insert in matt black ceramic. It has raised graduations and numerals are first molded into the ceramic and then polished. The first 15 minutes are graduated minute-by-minute to allow time intervals to be read with great precision. The bezel can also be turned with ease thanks to its knurled edge, which offers excellent grip.”

Now, here is Louisville Slugger description of the 2020 Meta PWR BBCOR bat.

“The 2020 Meta PWR BBCOR baseball bat from Louisville Slugger harnesses the performance and feel that made the 2019 Meta the most popular BBCOR bat on the market — and adds a powerful element for the game’s strongest hitters.”

The Rolex buyers are going to use words such as precision, graduations, and numerals; while baseball players will be talking power, games, and strength.

10. Image Text

Whenever using images or video always include a transcript. The transcript must contain keywords that describe the infographic or image. Without this information search engines, will not understand how the content is relevant, and therefore makes it unrankable. Without rank, there is no traffic, and without traffic, there are no sales.

Remember, blog writing services, website content creation services, and a website content creator are all essential elements for a successful business. It is a tricky process as Google likes to keep secrets and SEO hidden.


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