Automation in Real World

In the current era of technological development, Automation is an application and a creation of technologies for delivering and producing services and goods throughout human intervention. Automation techniques and technologies manage different tasks, reliability, efficiency, and speed. Nowadays, Automation has extensive uses in various fields like transport, manufacturing, facilities, defense, operations, and IT. 

           Apart from that, in the case of an enterprise, different approaches such as BPA (Business Process Automation) RPA (Robotic Process Automation) are managing business activities and are relevant to repetitive tasks in business processes. For the IT market, hyper Automation is used to collect and differentiate rules-based vendor solutions by maintaining machine learning, including deep learning and AI. Moreover, for managing niches and verticals, AI can be presented virtually, and it is more prevalent in transportation, manufacturing, and security purposes. Most industries are looking for robotic assembly lines, which help convert raw materials into products or goods. For example, in the technological domain, the use of machine layers in software and hardware is continuously increasing. ML (Machine learning) and AI are the most advanced technologies and are considered skyrocketing evaluations in this field. Robotics is part of Automation and useful in possessing automated machines and anthropomorphic characteristics.    

There are several applications in the case of Automation in the real world, and these are as follows:

Home automation 

Network automation 

Office automation

Automation to test different websites 

Automation of data center and testing automation

To implement home automation, hardware and software technology are combined to control different devices and equipment. In-office for managing several tasks and processing the communication, computers and software are utilized. Furthermore, network automation configures the networks astronomically and operates the computer networks. Moreover, various streamlines and standardized websites are tested through the automation process. Additionally, managing operations in bulk data centers are also known as lights-out operations, and multiple tools like QA (Quality Assurance) can manage scripts and software codes. Therefore, according to the report of the World Bank’sBank’s Department 2019, technological unemployment relevant to Automation is a major concern within new industries in the real world.