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Do you struggle with the writing process? Perhaps you have jumbled ideas, concepts, voices, and thoughts inside your mind waiting to get out in a clear, compelling, and inspired way. Or maybe, you have a killer book idea to help, thrill, reassure, surprise, or impress but don’t have enough time to write it down.

I care about my clients and the outcomes, helping you do things you don’t have the time or cannot do.

Are you a subject matter expert wanting a book in your name?

What’s in your story wallet?

▪ The Epiphany Testimony, or Rags to riches (rise-transformation).
▪ Tragedy, or Riches to rags (fall).
▪ In a slump (fall–rise).
▪ Icarus (rise–fall).
▪ Cinderella (rise–fall–rise).
▪ Oedipus (fall–rise–fall)

Your blog topics, books, important research, whitepapers, content strategy, editorial calendar, social media posts, or case studies are worth so much more than that. The objective is to work WITH you. As a team; we are united to create quality, and accomplish your objectives and challenges.

The Plan:

  • Let me do the work.
  • Content creation without the stress
  • I deliver.

Now, your turn. Contact me at or call me at (707) 494-2696, Santa Rosa, California.  Or send a brief email summary of the work required and the freelancer budget range in mind for a quote.

You’ll find a wide industry range on my blog if you want a free article. Please get in touch with me here, contact me, to feature one.  

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What sets my services apart?

Unleash your POWER of speech. I help you discover your voice and tell your story. 

FREE UP YOUR WORKLOAD and avoid content marketing burnout, so you can focus on your business growth while creating and maintaining an SEO strategy.

I bring INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE, specialty skills, collaboration, and the editorial mindset of a service provider with process ease, simplicity, and value.

Why are we creating this piece? What problems are we trying to solve? Who are you targeting? Where do those people typically consume this type of content? How will we get this piece of content in front of as many people as possible?

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Reason to Believe ~ Client Reviews

“I highly recommend Dr. Diana Rangaves. Her resume speaks for itself. Working with her on my upcoming book has been an amazing and uplifting experience. She has great insight and patience. She is great at massaging subject matter out of your head and HEART to make sure she is getting the best information for her to complete her task of completing your book the correct way. Will be working with her on future projects. I encourage anyone looking to write and publish a book to connect with Dr. Rangaves.” Darrell Terry, Founder & CEO at Surve l Start-Up Executive

“Dr. Diana Rangaves has been a major force in publishing and assisting others in publishing their works. She has an amazing capacity to bring out the best in people. I have enjoyed our professional relationship and know I can always count on Dr. Diana for support and assistance. I highly recommend her as a professional ghostwriter to know and work with.” Tony DiRico ~ Founder, CEO

Diana is a talented writer who is open to creating content on a variety of topics. We have found her research to be thorough, and her attention to detail is much appreciated. Diana has also worked with our team on various projects, from writing to editing to proofing, and has consistently met project deadlines. I appreciate her talent and all the assistance with projects. Katie Wilson Marketing Communications Manager ~ Veradigm

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Forward-looking planning, no second-guessing.

Trusted by Featured Clients

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Check out my collaborations. SELECTED CLIENT BOOKS and Portfolio

A Safe Place to Land ~ Mood By A Millennial By Pria Showalter

Season Your Soul ~ By Darrell Terry

Self-Made ~ By Manny Showalter

Life’s Blueprint ~ By Manny Showalter

Surviving a Cyber Stalker ~ By Alexis Moore

Generation Virtual ~ By Dr. Faisal Shehab

Wonder is My Compass ~ By Jayme Cellitoci

Aloe Vera for Healthy Hair ~ By Jessy Faraday

See more at

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More reasons to believe

Diana is great to work with! She is prompt, thorough, and detail-oriented. She is a great resource for any team looking for a writer. Amanda Cohen, MPH, Marketing Director ~Veradigm

Diana is a talented writer who is open to creating content on a variety of topics. We have found her research to be thorough, and her attention to detail is much appreciated. Diana has also worked with our team on various projects, from writing to editing to proofing, and has consistently met project deadlines. I appreciate her talent and all the assistance with projects.Katie Wilson Health Communications & Marketing | Content Marketing ~ Veradigm

The Leaf Online ~ Two well-respected cannabis clinicians, Diana Rangaves, PharmD, Clinical Consultant, and Leonard Haberman, Physician & Chemist, have weighed in on terpenes for the peer-reviewed website

Highly recommend Dr. Diana to anyone. She brings to the table her expertise in the health and wellness industry as a researcher and writer. I have worked with her over the years, and she is a true professional and great to work with. She is an amazing writer and a wonderful human being.Ivan Kan ~ Web3 & NFT Investor and Marketer | CryptoCom Host and Postcast | Over $250mm Successfully Funded | Forbes Contributor

“Highly recommend anyone to Dr. Diana Rangaves, excellent turnaround and top-notch work product. We greatly appreciate having her as a resource. She helps with polishing up our final work product, so we provide our clients with the most professional and thorough reports.” Michael Javorsky ~ Intravaia Risk Management Group LLC

Diana is professional and easy to work with. She is capable of taking on a task and working autonomously. I would recommend Diana for writing, editing, and content needs.” Ryan Warden ~ COO at The Agency Engine / Owner La Jolla Media Group

Diana is INCREDIBLE to work with. I always look forward to working on Health + Wellness projects with her. She is reliable and delightful to speak with. We worked on several projects together over the last few years, and she never disappoints.Debra LaCoppola ~ Video-Photography- STORYTELLER – Wellness + Hospitality Inspired

I run a professional writing service, and I know one component to success is to hire the best writers I can find. Dr. Rangaves meets that requirement, and I can honestly recommend her for your project.” Michael McKown ~ President, Ghostwriters Central, Inc.

“I’ve known Diana for at least ten years and am consistently impressed by her creativity, resilience, and a deep desire to serve others. Diana will give you the whole of her heart and mind when serving your needs in mentorship, teaching, writing, and more. I am so grateful to be with this amazing woman in the community!” Lori Wallace ~ Founder, CEO

INFRARED VISION, I would like to shine a RED light on a lovely lady Dr. Diana Rangaves. She is a BOSS of her CONTENT WRITING. I have known her since April 2019, and we work on some creative projects for my business due to the fact I am DYSLEXIC, but it does not STOP me.  Besides her easy personality, I also like working with Diana because I am a night owl on the East Coast, and she is on the West Coast, so together, we get things done. Got writing projects? Reach out to her today! What a diamond I have found!’ Mesha Mebane-Berry, Founder of Infrared Vision

“Diana is a talented and considerate writer and a pleasure to work with. I contacted Diana to author a series of courses on leadership. I was impressed by the effort she puts into researching her writing and the quick turnaround time at every step of the way. She was very open to feedback and thoughtfully incorporated suggestions and changes – every editor’s dream! The results are high-quality materials that will create great e-learning courses.” ~Tasha Tchetchetkine ~ Editor Content Developer and Strategist // Professional Nitpicker // Sustainability-Oriented Knowledge City

“I am over the moon! I can see the light now, phew! A top-notch writer/editor is worth their weight in solid gold, and patience with the editing process is essential.  Diana is gold! She saw so many things that I couldn’t and didn’t. I would have been so mad and sad had these not come out. I am forever grateful for her picking up the phone and being on the other end. I needed an angel and found one! Thank you.” ~ Jayme Cellitioci, “Wonder is My Compass.”

” I just wanted to say thank you for your great editing services over these past few months. Your insight, feedback and tips for the writers have greatly impacted their writing.  You’re an amazing editor, and we are so happy to be working with you.” ~ Shondell Varcianna | Varci Media

“Diana came on board DoctorPedia from a very early stage. She is highly professional and very experienced. She has ghostwritten and managed our writing team, which included assigning topics, editing, tracking deadlines, and fact-checking review. Later she completed lower one-third of academic citations video development ahead of schedule. She is always very efficient with communication as well. I will call her again as projects advance.” ~ Jeremy Wosner, Founder DoctorPedia

“Diana is an amazing lady! Her writings are always on target to get the message across no matter what the subject is. Diana is a wealth of knowledge and has taught me a lot! She is very heartfelt and cares about what is happening around up. You can not go wrong by hiring Diana!! Do it!” Katrina Ortiz, Annadel Neighbors Magazine, Best Version Media

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