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Secrets to Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is a practice of carrying out unethical ­and commonly disapproved methods to increase the page ranking by the search engine results. The unethical methods often go against the particular search engine terms and policies.

Critical to Your Business: Learn Why! 4 Social Media Tactics

Welcome to social media marketing! Enhance your commercial enterprise’s social spirit and add to your knowledge.

Social media marketing and advertising use platforms to build a network of viewers in the support and credibility of your brand, to expand growth, sales, and internet site visitors.

The essential social media forums are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat.

Blockchain Technology to Control Identity Theft

Technology has certainly made our lives more comfortable, but it has also introduced new dangers such as identity theft. Identity theft is increasing at a terrifyingly rapid pace to the extent that it is the top complaint from most consumers. Also, it is estimated that a case of identity theft takes place every two seconds. Moreover, only 9% of identity theft victims have reported this issue to the police.

Salute to Education ~ Surprises with 3D Printers

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is gaining more acceptance and popularity in multiple disciplines. Compared to before, where 3D printing service was limited to the engineering discipline, it has found its usefulness in fields that include medicine, aviation, fashion, automotive, education, and more. 3D is the process of using a digital file to make three-dimensional solid objects. Through repetitive layering, it introduces a new and better way of creating products compared to traditional manufacturing methods. The use of 3D printing offers many advantages that include a reduction in cost, improvement in efficiency, reduction in error, time reduction, and more.

Backbones ~ Workers’​ Compensation

Workers’ compensation benefits interconnect to distinct types of insurance. These give workers wage replacements as well as medical services for any injury they might have sustained while in a person or organization’s employment. This is usually in return for the workers foregoing their right to sue the employer for negligence.

Trademarks ~ Surviving the Unexpected

After filing a trademark application, the USPTO will send you an official letter known as office action. In the United States, office action is an official document written by the patent examiner in response to the patent application after thorough verification.

Sense of Urgency ~ Responding to Office Actions

It is an official application by USPTO in which they mention the problems with the trademark that you have submitted for review. They also note the issues with the application itself. The examining attorney may require you to fix all the problems with your application, or they may refuse the trademark in case they feel it can be confused with an existing brand

Secret Power of Stretching Revealed

Everyone enjoys a good stretch. The standard of health, comfort, and happiness rests in our ability to move. Supported by our bones, joints, and muscles, we enjoy physical activities such as walking, running, bicycling, and hiking to enhance our quality of life. As we age, joints and muscles become shortened, inflexible, and tight. This may trigger stiffness, muscle strain, joint and back pain, nerve damage, and increased risk of physical injury.

Faith to Endure Rituals

The two women gliding my studio set my skin to crawl, staring at me and yet not even registering my presence. Not that I wanted to be noticed by them all that much; still, it’s sometimes disconcerting when people look right through you. As a photographer, I am used to intense blank stares, but who can blame me for wanting to be acknowledged at times?

Drop those opioids: 4 alternatives to relieving pain

Opioids refer to medications such as morphine and other forms of heavy pain relief options. They are usually hailed as lifesavers for those who are suffering from chronic pain issues or persistent pain after a procedure. While their effects might seem magical at times, the high rates of overdose and abuse for such drugs are worth attention.

Avenues for Debt Repayment Solutions – What Options Will Pay Off My Student Loans?

College fees can cost an arm and a leg, and sometimes you might require financial assistance to foot your education expenses. Grants, scholarships, and government student loans are among the choices available for paying your college fees. Government student loans attract a low-interest rate, making it among the best options for financing your education. Unlike other loans, you do not need a co-signer or excellent credit to qualify. It also buys you more time to sort out your repayment plan before you fall out of track.

Struggle No More Accepting the Complicated

Trudy wondered if there would ever be a moment as precious as this. Her granddaughter nestled by her side, as she had been so many decades before, snuggled next to her granny. Except Trudy would never have the chance to teach this girl child about the ways of their family. Vivian was perfect, pristine, peaceful.

Surprise and Delight

It was atypical to find a woman of such low social stature, like herself, under protection. Her grandmother says Abigail can only attribute this to the man in the picture. It all began decades ago in a humble dwelling in East London. She was brought to England in 1638 by her parents, who were fleeing cruel religious persecution of Christians in France. All she knew was what she had heard from her parents.

Titans of Travel

It isn’t everyday Charlie Conner bothered his wife, Camille. Charlie was a meek, middle-aged man in his early to late ’40s, but it was a special day. He discovered a bicycle that not only one person could ride, but two.

Judaism the Children of Israel’s Covenant with God

“Moses received the Torah at Sinai and he transmitted it to Joshua, and Joshua to the elders, and the elders to the prophets, and the prophets transmitted it to the Men of the Great Assembly . . . [who] said three maxims: Be measured in the legal process, raise up many students; make a fence for the Torah.” —Ethics of the Fathers 1:1

Passport Soon to Expire

It wasn’t the news that shook me that day. Being diagnosed with Stage-IV cancer isn’t life-ending: it’s a passport to a new life without the pain. What was worrisome was leaving my family. It’s not every day that a 40-year old has their soul on a list entitled “soon to expire.”

Harness your Story, Propel your Brand

Like a message in a bottle flung upon the open waters, books carry with them intrinsic value. Books chose us, speaking, and nudging those who are open to their heartfelt message. Ghostwriters extract compelling and relatable stories from people. Everyone is gifted differently. Your life knowledge and understanding can teach someone less experienced and point them in the right direction.

Teardrops of Desolation

Sadness filled the air, thick with the scent of mint. Anna’s comfort came from the fact that Thomas’ passing happened here at home. Though fitful and labored at times, he was released from this Earth in Grace. A translucent glow emanated from his angelic face. The room was still, and no one spoke.

Cloud-Based Computing: the future of medical clinical trials and research

The implementation of clinical trials in the traditional medical research environment can be inefficient. Clinical trials are essential in the medical industry, especially during a rush to produce a cure for a pandemic or a breakout of pathological infections. Traditionally conducting a clinical trial was a lengthy process of reaching out to doctors’ researchers and patients. In addition, clinical trials can have data inconsistencies. Making research easier and rapidly producing customizable and scalable studies that reach patients and doctors anywhere is one of the fundamental goals of any research-based CR0.

How to Let Go of Traumatic Memories

A psychologically injured brain results from holding and storing bad memories. This type of pain body or trauma is challenging to heal. Since, those experiences have been imprinted in our minds, either short-term or long-term; they largely define our personalities and perceptions of the world. This includes the types of food we eat and those foods we do not eat, our judgments of people based on different conditioned factors, our reactions to different types of stresses, and our learned values, work ethic, and lifestyle choices.

Guava Leaf Tea Heats Up

One of the most troubling aspects of our modern world is that we are just so busy all of the time. This constant busyness takes its toll on our health. When you are continually on the go, there is no time for you to reset and refresh. Your hair and skin might start to look dull, you might develop digestive issues and sleep issues, get sick, and just feel out of sorts.

Easing Breast Cancer Risk?

This research paper focuses on the two drugs used in the treatment of cancer, tamoxifen and raloxifene. The drugs discussed in this paper are the only two drugs approved by the FDA in the United States to minimize the risk of breast cancer. The research conducted by quantitatively analyzing the existing literature and investigation on the topic was objective and unbiased. The objective is to find the most effective drug for mitigating the risk posed by breast cancer.

How to Unlock Powerful Keys: Fasting for Weight Loss

With the increasing knowledge of the health implications of obesity, many people are seeking effective ways to reduce and maintain their body weight. It is a known fact that obesity is a national epidemic across the United States. Statistics from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development indicate that more than 35 percent of adults in the U.S. are obese, and more than 34 percent are overweight.

The Dubious Link: Association Of Low Carb Diets With Mortality

What are the long-term effects of consuming a LCHF diet? Well, we cannot base any conclusions on the controversial study conducted by the Lancet Public Health. However, some researchers in Poland support the conclusion that mortality and low-carb diets are linked. Recently their findings on this were made known at the European Society of Cardiology Congress in Vienna. However, these findings are yet to be made available in a peer-reviewed journal.

The Best is Yet to Be

It is essential that practitioners offering professional support to their clients understand and relate to human suffering. They must create an environment where their clients are sure of their safety and can easily interact with them without having any fear that emotions might trigger traumatic memories.

Emotional Fitness and Energetic Cleansing: The Practice

The experience of emotions can be positive, negative, healing, destructive, pleasurable, or discontent, depending on how they are recorded in our memories and perceptional field. Being able to regulate how we feel or react to certain events or experiences is not an easy task. One needs to be mentally strong to act contrarily from a situation that his/ her consciousness perceives to be a threat.

The Work of Trauma Release

The release does not happen overnight; it takes work. This work involves peeling back the layers, and layers of hurt. This takes time and courage to face and identify your individual pain. It is a slow process and takes patience. Some reasons why letting go does not happen all at once include:

How Memories Imprint and Store

According to the American Psychological Association, memories are subject to modification. Dr. Stefan Hofmann explains that there is an emotional creation process of painful memories and their storage in our brain. When we are a witness, an observer, or object of a fearful event, like a violent robbery, the death of a parent, and abandonment, the communication of this sensory information travels from the thalamus to the amygdala in the brain.

Releasing Trauma Pain Bodies: The Choice

A psychologically injured brain results from holding and storing painful memories. This type of pain body or trauma is challenging to heal. Since, those experiences have been imprinted in our minds, either short-term or long-term; they largely define our personalities and perceptions of the world.

Assessment Paper ~ Judgment of Academic Ethics: Will those Desirous of Power, Replace Excellence?

The anatomy of a formulary process is precarious and longwinded. Keeping the ‘Rational’ at the front and center takes effort, energy, intellect, and integrity. Many times alternative agendas, values, and ethics play a dramatic part in processes and decisions. Oblivious, unaware or unwitting players are duped by personal bias, money, greed, power, reaction, or targeted marketing.

Death the Final Approach

A palliative care program offers assessment and management of patient needs throughout the inpatient environment. The team behaves interactively on the principle that palliative care is a service. Common reasons for palliative care are [1]:

Inspired by Simplicity

Quietly improving their community, this is a story of triumph and reframing of people with autism. By means of passion and dedication, day in and day out, without fanfare, and self-promoting flamboyance the Alternative Baseball Organization is nudging changes.

Embrace Your Excellence

To best prepare for careers in today’s evolving healthcare model, Embrace Your Excellence: A Psychopharmacology Primer and Mirror to the Soul combines sound instruction in psychopharmaceuticals with a modern, compassionate, holistic view of patient care.

Facts and Myths About Cannabis and Sex

There is no doubt that having regular sex is a very important aspect of every healthy romantic relationship. There is presently no research that shows which of the genders enjoys sex most. Unfulfilled sexual expectations can negatively affect the relationship between lovers. There has been a growing debate on the impact of cannabis like marijuana, […]

B12 Deficiency and Panic Attacks

Evidence points to a link between Vitamin B12 deficiency and depression plus panic attacks. If we aim to lead the best kind of life possible, we will have to be vigilant about these vitamin levels. This could be challenging, but it is possible if we watch our diet and take the right supplement.

What Makes a Good Professional Blog Post?

Have you thought of why some blogs are popular with a large following in the hundreds of thousands or million views per month? People write blogs for different reasons, including entertainment, fun, education, networking, business, and as a revenue stream.

4 Amazing Channels for Content Distribution

Despite marketer’s efforts to generate compelling content, it amounts to nothing if their audience does not know it exists. This explains why content distribution is a critical part of your strategy. The kind of content you create will determine the channel you will need. Four tools for successful content distribution are

How to Eliminate Your COVID-19 Financial Stress

The COVID-19 pandemic is something most people alive today have never experienced. Across the globe, this unprecedented situation has left many people with a kind of stress; they do not quite know how to cope. Given the uncertainty of this strange time, the physical and mental impact has been heavy. On top of that, the significant financial implications have added yet another layer of worry.

How to spot the signs to fix your nurse burnout

Nurse burnout is a pervasive problem in our community. If you have ever felt worn out, run-down, or completely exhausted by your nursing job, know that you are not alone. This genuine issue affects countless nurses in all capacities of our profession. Even more alarming is that it is costly for you since it might require time off from your duties. It is also expensive for your health care organization, as there are increased expenses and other fallout associated with nurse burnout. These negative consequences can include higher nurse turnover, lower morale, and more significant potential for patient harm or overall work dissatisfaction.

Untangling Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

By Dr. Diana Rangaves, PharmD Dr. Diana Rangaves, a PharmD holds a Doctorate from the University of California. With extensive experience and expertise in all levels of content creation, SEO keywords optimization, and website content, she founded Clinical Consultant Services and a content creation agency. With more than 5.6 billion internet searches daily on Google, […]

10 Rules for Success in E-commerce Marketing

It is a requirement of businesses’ to marketing their service or merchandise to thrive. When doing so, it is imperative to remember that search engine optimization (SEO) is vital and interrelated to content marketing. SEO is what brings the customer to the page, and the information is what keeps them there. There are some tips […]

Perfect Content Marketing Strategies for the Modern Reader

Creating excellent content is one of the most widely discussed topics on the internet in the contemporary environment, and recipients often judge a site by the information posted. While a majority of companies and individuals running websites and social platforms are aware of this fact, they are not sure how to come up with perfect […]

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