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ADHD and Self Stimulating Behaviors

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a mental health condition that affects the parts of the human brain, limiting the human brain to function normally. About 11% of children and 5% of adults are affected by ADHD where it is most common in boys than in girls (CDC). Characteristics of ADHD are lack of attention, inability to stay still, or interruption. People affected with ADHD are unable to focus on their tasks. Students who have ADHD perform poorly academically.

Caring for someone with Dementia

Dementia is a mental illness with many symptoms, including sudden thinking, remembering, reasoning, and behavior. Technically, people with Dementia have extreme memory loss and erratic behavior, with no consolidated line of thoughts.

Alcohol Misuse

Alcohol has been part of the human lifestyle since time immemorial. However, misuse of the alcoholic contents has led to considerable damages, including loss of lives, maimed persons, and property loss.

 Effectiveness of Edge Computing

Edge Computing is an active system that can distribute particular computing systems where data storing can be closer to the location. Encryption is required to manage computing data and its security, relevant to decentralized edge computing systems. After that, different computing methods are involved: cloud edge, compute edge, device edge, and sensor edge. 

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence 

The term AI (Artificial Intelligence) indicates man-made brainpower can manage robot controls, build PCs, innovative programming, and manufacture several savvy elements in the modern business world. AI was presented for the first time in 1956 within Dartmouth College with different scientists to create human intelligence.

 Automation in Real World

In the current era of technological development, Automation is an application and a creation of technologies for delivering and producing services and goods throughout human intervention. Automation techniques and technologies manage different tasks, reliability, efficiency, and speed. Nowadays, Automation has extensive uses in various fields like transport, manufacturing, facilities, defense, operations, and IT. 

Adoption of EMV chip cards in the U.S.

EMV mainly stands for Europay, Master Card, and Visa card and is considered the best secure and safe method in online and mobile payments. The main activity of this card is to hold the data during the transaction process, and a smart chip is used instead of a magnetic stripe. EMV chip cards are introduced in the U.S. with great value to reduce fraud and manage safe and secure transactions or payments.

4 Chip Card Myths for Safety

In the 21st century, technology appears to be working smoothly in different stores, and many credit card users cannot identify the way of its uses and what these smart chips do. Various myths are noticed in the case of using chip credit cards, and the major four will be discussed in a particular way.

DevOps for IoT: Three Tips for Success

DevOps for IoT, this term has valuable insight into industrial and current technological advancement and the development of IoT technology for smart future implementation. According to the continuous expansion of IoT, including smartwatches, smart cities, and smart buildings, various companies and organizations are looking for a better implication of public-facing and internal projects of IoT. The enormous potential of IoT technology is being applied in different fields such as crop monitoring, SCM (Supply chain management), home automation systems, and voice assistants.

Brand experience with technological up-gradation

In this era of digitization, the number of store discontinuance is hitting so far whereas the investment in technology is increasing day by day. Besides, the retailers and the brands are investing huge amounts of money in applying AI (Artificial Intelligence) and AR (Augmented reality-based) navigation to develop the retail business blended with a highly competitive market. Moreover, data is the most important thing for giving great success to a retail business.

Ways to Fight Procrastination    

Nearly everyone procrastinates from time to time, but some people do it more often. If you are a habitual procrastinator, the ability to complete even the simplest projects or tasks may seem elusive. But procrastination is a psychological issue that you can reverse with a few simple steps. Here are different ways to beat procrastination.

Understanding Depression: Symptoms and Treatment

Also referred to as major depressive disorder, depression is a mood disorder that often makes you feel a lack of interest in life or constant sadness. Many people feel depressed or sad at times. It is a normal reaction to life’s challenges. However, when intense sadness, including feelings of worthless, helpless, and hopeless, lasts for days or weeks and keeps you from enjoying your life, it might be more than just sadness. There’s a chance you have depression – a medical condition that can be treated.

Understanding Aging and Longevity

There is a difference between living longer and living many years feeling and looking more youthful and free from chronic illnesses. While life expectancy is getting longer with advancements in the medical and lifestyle fields, most people also spend more years battling age-related chronic illnesses. That means they’re not getting many years of good health. Instead, they are getting more years with illnesses.

Top 4 Business Books for Women

In today’s business world, female entrepreneurs are making significant achievements. They’re running successful businesses, have higher levels of education, and some of them are breaking the glass ceilings across multiple industries. Here is a selection of top business books for women that can help you gain valuable insights and inspiration, particularly if you want to embark on a journey into the business world.

The Science of Fat: Appetite, Eating Disorders, and the Reward System

We are living in an image-conscious world that urges all of us to improve our physical appearance. The ‘insights’ sent by television shows, magazines, and other certain types of media include purchasing certain health-related products, whitening teeth, losing weight, and getting rid of wrinkles to get a ‘perfect’ appearance that will make you feel admired and loved. The ongoing debate concerning unhealthy super-thin models in the modern fashion industry is an example of how deeply entrenched the notion of ‘body thinness equals happiness.’

The Neurobiology of Overeating & Food Addiction

Can food be addictive? If so, what does it mean to become a food addict? Are there underlying neurobiological mechanisms that contribute to food addiction? These are some of the vexing questions that have been the subject of debate and interest in the past decade, driven in large part by the growing health concerns linked to increasing body weights and obesity rates in Europe, the United States, and other regions.

Raising your Children’s Kids

No matter how much you appreciate and love your children’s kids, raising them often comes with many rewards and challenges. Whatever the reasons that made it impossible for their parents to maintain an active role, your presence offers the children the much-needed sense of stability and continuity. Here are tips to help you raise your children’s kids.

Nutritional Psychiatry and Brain Health

A human brain is always “on” – it helps coordinate movements, takes care of your breathing, senses, and heartbeat. It works 24/7, even when you are asleep. That’s why it requires a constant supply of fuel, which comes from the food you eat. An increasing number of researchers are concluding that diets with critical nutrients support brain health and play a key role in treating mental disorders.

Mindfulness for Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety may be your body’s natural way of saying, “I’m experiencing excessive stress.” However, it can exhaust you mentally and have a direct impact on your body. Fortunately, research has revealed that you can reduce your stress and anxiety with various mindfulness practices.

How Forgiveness could make you Stronger

You have probably been hurt by the words or actions of another person. Perhaps a colleague sabotaged your project, a parent or guardian constantly criticized you growing up, or your partner had an affair. Such deep wounds can leave you with feelings of bitterness and anger or vengeance. However, if you do not practice forgiveness, there’s a chance you will pay most dearly.

How Being a Grandma changes your Life

While the majority of older adults are grandparents, very little is known on how the transition to grandparenthood changes their lives. Besides, evidence on whether the transition, the time of a grandchild’s birth, and various sociodemographic characteristics of an offspring change the life of a grandparent is scarce. Taking these factors into account here is how being a grandparent changes your life.

Looking Good 40+

Women get the same message about getting old so frequently that it is nearly impossible not to internalize it – as your number of years increases, your looks are likely to go the opposite direction. However, the truth is that there is no specific age limit on looking great. In fact, you might find yourself feeling more attractive and confident as you get older. That’s why some grannies are looking good at 40 or more years.

Fashion Designers Women of Color

There are many women of color who used their talent and passion for fashion to carve out a position for themselves in the modern fashion industry. In addition to the icons mentioned previously, there are other women of color who own iconic fashion brands. These include Azede Jean-Pierre, Subrina Heyink, Kristen Gonzalez (one of the co-founders of Selva Negra), and more.

Deconstructing Anxiety & Conquering Fear

Fear and fulfillment are the prime drivers of human life, the greatest forces that often drive human experiences. To most people, fear is a constant companion, whispering in the ears of impending catastrophes and lurking dangers. On the other hand, fulfillment is the high purpose that calls you and compels you to discover wholeness and freedom far beyond what you thought possible.

Books that Could Change your Life for the Better

once in a while, we get a unique book that follows us into reality – a piece of literature that hurdles into the state of deep self-reflection that entirely revamps our perspective. Such books are hard to find, but they’re impossible to forget when you do. Here are game-changing books that could shift your prospect and change you for the better, just like they did for millions of other readers.

A Street Named Letting Go

Looking back at my whole life, I realize letting go is important for my soul journey. Although for more than two decades I have been resisting critical lessons – I just did not want to let go. But once my pain became unbearable, I had to turn and follow a street name ‘letting go.’ I learned how to leave behind my fears, lies, and horrifying stories about who the world expects me to be and who I was.

Top 4 Tips to be Smart on Social Media

One of the top hurdles on social media for businesses is the pressure to “keep up.” Different social media platforms come and go, and user behavior changes over time. That means the way businesses and individuals approach various social networks has to change. So, what tactics should be the cornerstone of your social media strategy that can keep you smart and relevant on these platforms?

Top 4 Social Media Strategies for Businesses

Other social media strategies for your business include adding relevant content to your social media timeline, using brand advocates, maintaining an authentic profile on relevant social media channels, and telling stories by going live. By following the strategies outlined above, you will set your business up to compete with other brands and implement a social media strategy that can stand the test of time.

Safety on Social Media: 4 Tips to protect yourself

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms are fun. That’s the reason more than 50 percent of the United States population uses social networking sites. However, don’t be lulled into a false sense of security when it comes to protecting your personal information on social media.

Social Networking Catfishing: Here’s what you should know

Although the public face of social media is warm and fuzzy, it is a category of internet service with a serious dark side. It can not only destroy your productivity, have a negative impact on your mental health, and damage your privacy, but it can also make you a target of bullying and scams. What most social media users don’t know is that catfishing can do all those damages.

How to Take Your Online Presence to the Next Level

Do you feel like your online presence doesn’t have the reach it used to? As a business owner, there comes a time when online trends shift. If you are in this position currently, it’s time to take action and use some of these essential strategies and resources from Dr. Diana Rangaves, PharmD, to turn things around.

Social Media and Bullying among Teenagers

If you’re worried about your safety or that of your child using social media, speak to someone you trust. Remember, the first line of defense against cyberbullying is you. And by taking the right measures to protect yourself or your loved ones against cyberbullying, you will be positively contributing to the fight against bullying on social media.  

Mitigating the Negative Effects of Social Media

Socializing is an integral part of our daily lives. It helps us create a community and feel more connected. When we are apart, social media makes it easier to connect with friends, family, and colleagues and maintain those connections. As much as social media is associated with an endless list of benefits, it also has downsides. So, how should you address the negative effects of social media?

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide: How to Write Story

Venturing into this field, we may come across numerous varieties of ideas and want to start it straight away. Beginners have the advantage of new perspectives and new motives and directions. Yet not everyone survives this long haul. To make the stay worthwhile, follow the step-by-step guide and …read more.

Negative impacts of Social Media

Social media is both good and bad. When used assertively, actively, and mindfully, it can help you establish deeper connections with people and reap the benefits of such connections. However, social media has a dark side. Improper use of social networks comes with a long list of negative effects discussed above.

Positive Impacts of Social Media

Could you go a few days without using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media network? It is a big question, and one that evokes thoughts such as, ”how would you stay in touch with your fans and besties?” What about the live-streamed workouts you wanted to tune into? Heck, how will you fill those hours watching television on your couch without something to scroll through?

Social Media: A Powerful Communication Medium

The emergence and evolution of social media have been possible due to the human intellect and its increased desire for communication, fueled by the never-ending advancements in information technology. Through various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more, users create a somewhat virtual world of communication. This contributes to these social networking platforms’ ideas, information, and media.

The Art of Skipping

Skipping has many health benefits. The exercise has to be progressed consistently. Conceptually, people record what is felt as essential and forget and willingly eliminate any aspect of skipping less critical exercise training.

Community Involvement Can Help Your Business Flourish

When a business first launches, the owner is often focused on attracting customers and making the business profitable. Looking for ways to benefit the local community can give you significant exposure and help you expand awareness of your brand. As Dr. Diana Rangaves, PharmD, RPh, explains, it can also establish you as a good corporate steward and boost the overall economy.

Nutritional Defenses

Nutritional benefits are essential. Improving healthy eating habits requires a constant check on what we consume. Similarly, we have to keep track of how we eat daily. Like the simple food consumed history, the typically scheduled exercises have impacted many athletes’ and trainees’ eating behavior.

Mastering Appearances

selected for its ability to increase lower body strength. As provided in the analysis, the regular exercise for elevating body temperature for the different participants in the study shows better health paradigms in the traditional context.

One Rule: Ready, Set, Go

Preparing for regular exercise is not easy. There are tons of challenges, mostly coming from personal attitude and determination. In practicing a personal exercise and behavioral assessment on eating habits, you can create an appropriate model structure and use a food record tool that is appealing.

4 Strategies for Getting Fit and Feeling Great

It’s time to get back out into the world—and how to put their best foot (and face) forward when doing so. Getting back to your pre-pandemic routine may take some effort, but it will be worth it in the long run when you are enjoying gathering with friends for the first time in what feels like forever, for some. So, what can you do now to ensure you are ready to face the world with your best look (and outlook) once your vaccine takes effect? Let’s explore some ideas below.

Health Focus: Graceful Aging

Most people would like to age without mental and physical decline. We also want to  look, feel,  and think like we were young. Many elderly adults die of diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, and others lose learning abilities. Graceful aging involves a program to improve memory and physical health of the elderly population.

Power of Nutrition on Beauty

Nutrition affects human skin. The levels either enhance skins youthful glow or damages the complexion. Long-term eating habits can eventually neutralize or increase the appearance of aging skin. Therefore, the professional approach to neutralize aging early through a nutritional focus.

Urine Incontinence

Urinary incontinence occurs when a person accidentally leaks urine. Urinary incontinence can afflict anyone, although it is more common in older persons, especially women. What occurs in the body to cause problems with bladder control?

What Are the Different Types and Levels of Body Armor

Protective armor is also known as body armor. It is important to choose the correct type of body armor to ensure that you are completely protected. Different types of body armor are available based on the threats they can defend against, and it is important to know what they are so you can get the right one.

Know the Different Ways to Ask For Applause

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Is Intimacy Important in a Relationship

We generally associate intimacy with sex or physical proximity when we think of it. Though all of these are included in intimacy, it is more than just being sexually intimate, as it fulfills a higher purpose that requires mutual understanding and relationship.

Starting a Business, the Easy Way

Ready to start your own business in Santa Rosa or elsewhere? It can be hard to know where to start as strong as your entrepreneurial spirit may be. Sometimes it’s a matter of not knowing what steps to take, but it could also be fear that holds would-be entrepreneurs back. But by educating yourself, doing your due diligence, and applying your best efforts, starting your own business can be a smooth, enjoyable journey. Through the challenges, you will reap the rewards. 

Your Beautiful, Great Mane A guide to a Smoother Transition When Going Natural

Going all-natural is a bold move, more particularly because of the hassle it takes to grow hair to a desirable length. Going for the big chop is the easiest way, but is it what you want? Transitioning and retaining the length at the same time is hectic. Not to worry though as here is a guide for a smooth transition to new beginnings.
Switch to a Proper Diet
Moisturizing and nourishing your hair from within is as important as doing so with a moisturizer and an array of expensive hair products. Internal moisture from the skin is very important. However, this you can only achieve with a proper diet. Eating healthy foods and drinking a lot of water nourishes your skin, which promotes hair growth- healthy hair growth.
Invest in the Right Tools
Hairbrushes and combs play a vital role in maintaining the texture and strength of your hair. While doing the transition, it’s best to go for a wide-tooth comb and soft brushes. Your hair cannot afford to suffer breakage during this transition period. The right kind of comb and brush for your hair type will help you oil and moisturize your hair and keep it neat and style it.

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Tips to Make Your Skin Sparkle, Glitter, and Shine

Your skin plays a huge and vital role when it comes to looks and grooming. However, unlike clothes, shoes, and accessories, we do not get to choose the skin we want or get. On the brighter side though, you can choose how your skin looks and feels by keeping it healthy and using the right skincare products for your skin type.
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Simple Home Remedies for Glowing Skin

Skincare is as important as any other type of care to your body. To some, it is a routine while to others, it is a lifestyle.
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4 Simple Hacks to Fight Back Hair Loss

Hair loss in most if not all women can be traumatic. Most women who experience thinning hair are between the age of 25-35 years. However, unlike men, most women do not lose all their hair, which means it can be disguised. The good thing is that you can fight hair loss in very simple ways. Here is how.

Provocative Brain Science

One might not always make the connection between provocation and science. But there are now studies linking the two concepts. According to a new study, seeing women in scanty clothing can light up the male brain in the region linked to tool use. This can lead to certain men thinking of women as mere objects.

Life Exposed: The Book Review

This book is about the explosion of Unit Four of the nuclear reactor in Chernobyl in 1986. The day was April 26th, and the place was known as Soviet Ukraine. The incident is now also covered in a well-made series on HBO.

What Do Agile Software Teams Typically Consist of?

n an ideal world, every company would have several generalists and specialists in-house, and they’d get on well with each other. However, the reality is that every organization has time and budget constraints. For this reason, most outsourced software development teams are generalists. The difference between a traditional team and an agile team structure is how the teammates cooperate. Here’s the structure of agile software teams.

Top 4 ways To Increase Software Team Productivity with Staff Augmentation

According to Bloomberg, approximately 54% of organizations experience talent shortages globally. In 36 out of 44 nations, human resource managers find it challenging to attract or find skilled talent for their teams. For this reason, staff augmentation or outsourcing is crucial, particularly when it comes to software development services. Here are four ways to increase your software team productivity with staff augmentation.

Top 5 Factors to Finding the Perfect Software Cloud Provider

There’s no shortage of cloud services for most software developers to support the creation and deployment of software or applications. However, the challenge is choosing the right cloud provider (Platform-as-a-Service) that matches your needs. Different cloud services vary significantly in scalability, cost, usability, and more. Here are the top factors you must consider when choosing a cloud provider.

Top 3 Things to look for in Software Development in Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a public cloud computing platform providing various services such as networking, computing, storage, Big Data, software development, and more. These services run on the same infrastructure that Google utilizes for its end-user services and products such as YouTube, Google Search, Gmail, and more. Software developers and other users can access GCP services through a dedicated network connection or over the internet.

Top 3 Things to look for Software Development in AWS

Amazon Web Service (AWS) is a cloud platform that facilitates faster and easy software development. It offers developer tools that allow software developers to host code, create, test, and deploy applications effectively. Indeed, AWS allows you to leverage core tools such as software development kits, code editors, and CI/CD (continuous integration and delivery) for effective DevOps software development. Here are three essential elements to look for in software development in AWS.

Do Family and Couples Therapy Help?

Behavioral, psychological, emotional, other related issues are linked to domestic violence, marital dissatisfaction, poor parenting practices, and psychological distress among children. Further, these issues are implicated in many instances of family disintegration, forcing spouses to part ways and contribute to adverse childhood experiences.

Top 4 Non-Technical Skills to look for when hiring Software Developer

The booming technical or digital age requires software developers to be exceptional in their field with outstanding industry skills and have non-technical skills, also referred to as soft skills. While the knowledge of programming languages and frameworks is the backbone of successful software development, business organizations value more than technical proficiencies. Here are the top non-technical skills a proficient software developer must have.

The Top Advantages of Nearshoring Software Teams

Nearshoring is an outsourcing strategy that allows organizations to seek software development partners geographically near their location. Savvy developers are hard to find and hard to afford. However, nearshoring a software development team is cost-effective for start-ups and growing tech companies to build or expand their development workforce. This outsourcing strategy offers remarkable benefits such as;

Top strategies for search engine optimization

successful search engine optimization is much more than a few good keywords and title attributes. Discovering the right strategy for your own company is often a long process. Even Google currently changes its algorithm about 500 times a year, which shows that even the giants in finding the right SEO strategy may not sleep.

Ways Chiropractic Care Helps Heal Injured Auto Accident Victims

housands of people sustain injuries in minor auto accidents every year. While chiropractic care is the best solution for neck pain, whiplash, and other injuries, unfortunately, far too many Americans first resort to surgeries and drugs. However, because chiropractic care is non-invasive, all-natural, and effective for spinal injuries and holistic pain management, it should be tried before other options.

Maximize your Content for Humans

When people talk about content optimization, they often refer to SEO. Indeed, SEO plays an important role in the success of your content marketing strategy. But that doesn’t mean you should optimize your content only for search engine spiders. Think the opposite. Optimizing your content for humans becomes valuable for search engines.


networks. This allows other users to access the content that contains the said keyword without necessarily being a “friend” or “follower” of the person who uses it.

Financial Awareness Power

Even with the best budget, everyone can experience a little financial stress from time to time. But ongoing stress can be detrimental to your state of being. Can awareness reduce stress and build a better financial plan? The answer is encouraging and a bit surprising: yes.

Content ideas for LinkedIn

and your company have a presence on LinkedIn? We hope so. If one of the central goals of your content strategy is to develop your expert status, this network is the place to do it. Here’s how to get there.

A Ghostwriter and You?

With a quality ghost-writer on your team (or even a freelancing contract), many companies might find it easier to seal investment deals, attract new clients, and so on. Find one for building up your brand today!

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