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Science of Thankfulness

Scientific research in human physiology has created prevention and successful treatments including vaccines, drugs, and procedures. Evolutionary medicine looks to preventing and treating the changing health conditions through human physiology studies. Globally the Nobel Prize in physiology honors important discoveries in the field every year.

Brain food for productive thinking    

Most people think of their diet as a means to maintain their physical health,  It is also important to consider brain foods for productive thinking in that diet. Through human physiology, neuroscience research identified nutrients found in some foods we consume to influence human cognitive abilities. 

How to Prepare For Menopause: Health Conditions

Menopause is a natural phenomenon, and most experience transition symptoms of peri-menopause before finally getting to menopause. Therefore, women should prepare for menopause transition symptoms and, most importantly, intensifying menopausal symptoms. Health care practitioners can offer appropriate medications to specific individuals to ease discomfort and pains felt over the years.

Does Self Confidence Effect Your Health?

Medicine has enhanced their knowledge of human biological systems through the homeostasis study in human physiology. Some experiments show that individual automated processes, which maintain mental and physical stability, can be affected by some factors.

What You Need to Know About Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is the primary cause of major road accidents globally. While many other factors cause accidents, the drivers’ focus and concentration are essential in preventing many accidents. In a well-defined descriptive analysis, accidents occurring from driver distractions can be easily prevented by being alert and observing road signs information accurately.

The Four Types of Driver Distractions

Focus is lost whenever a driver takes their eyes off the road. The result puts passengers and themselves at risk. Visual distractions are the common reason for focus loss. A driver needs to set their view straight and concentrate on the road. As a driver, you are expected to be a sane user of the road at all times. It is important to remain alert, safe, and calm. Taking eyes off the road is very dangerous. Drivers must keep their eyes away from their electronic devices, reading text messages, and watching the scenery.

How do Supply Chain Companies Work and Prepare 

Supply chain in business management analysis postulates a hypothetically interesting period in financial analysis and conditioned management strategies. Comparatively, acquiring an entire firm in the recent past was easy. As such, completing a transaction was arbitrarily rapid since it did not involve multiple complications from the acquirer’s financial basis.

Measuring Your Excellence

Holding yourself to personal excellence is one of the most important milestones indicating emotional intelligence and developmental growth. Technically, measuring individual excellence takes more than a simple exercise. At a personal level, excellence can best be measured through inclusive concepts of behavior and success in daily chores. Many challenges are faced upon growing substantially in life in every career line.

How to Survive the loss of a loved one 

The concept of death is barely accepted by anyone. Psychotherapists play an integral role in helping people cope with such situations. They present life in multiple views, most of which had never been explained before. By the time they leave, the griever is more knowledgeable about the value and context of life. They take you through the process of pain and acknowledgment with patience and empathy. Coping with stress is a major construct that we must incorporate into our daily activities. Losing a loved one is one of the major life stressors.

Women who use positive thinking to improve their lives

Women predominantly use positive thinking to overcome challenges that come their way. Positive thinking is changing the realms in which we prepare for the future. By definition, positive thinking gives the impression that an individual can live a happy life by thinking of the right thoughts and engaging in practical activities. Positive psychology has a solid connection to humanities, which becomes the image development of the culture of assessing and focusing on the source of a problem rather than the solution.

Top Women Gamers on YouTube

While computer gaming might have been a male-dominated zone in the recent past, the modern woman has broken that stereotypic mentality. While the male counterparts still overshadow the female gamers, the female gamers have left a mark that every YouTube gaming fan knows and would want to be associated with. Female dominion in online gaming has changed rapidly. The female gamers inspire the upcoming girl child interested in computer gaming and technologies. Additionally, female gamers also possess a strong influential capacity due to the gaming framework they present. Three of the best female gamers on YouTube are as follows (This article uses code names on the gaming platforms and YouTube as well)

Ways to stay safe in your work environment ~ personal safety

Unproductive and poorly motivated colleagues can destroy a person’s career development and growth. Such individuals make it difficult to grow in cases where they are the bosses or play an integral role in the work environment. Avoiding such people may be difficult since they directly control an individual’s autonomy. When malicious people are in control, their juniors are bound to undergo a harsh and tough working environment. There are ways of handling such individuals without directly hurting anyone’s work environment. In most cases, an open dialog is often effective and creates a boundary between a worker and such behaviors.

How a mentor helps shape your career

A mentor forms the core growth facilitation process, without which businesses and careers would fail immensely. The support modality from mentors builds a person differently by helping them reinvent themselves and see opportunities that have not been explored. Sometimes business individuals have the right methods of succeeding in business. However, they may not be fully leveraging their potential in business.

Why every businesswoman needs a mentor

With the right supportive and knowledgeable mentors, women can break every barrier in their line of business, traditionally male-dominated. Women display courage and the ability to pursue success on their own. However, without the right guidance and direction, it is easy to fail. Mentors have a wealth of experience and information at their fingertips. They have already been through and survived work and business strategies. Therefore, they often stand as good sources of support.

Best of the Best: Instaread

Instaread covers fiction books in addition to nonfiction literature, whereas the majority of the other applications exclusively summarize nonfiction works. In addition, it offers what it calls “Instaread Originals,” which are unique descriptions of a particular subject or individual.

Drug interactions in older patients

Older patients have completely different mechanisms of responding to drugs. Older patients exhibit more drug-to-drug interactions. It is crucial to put older people under medications that do not conflict or have a minimal effective impact upon conflict—older patients who were consuming more than five prescriptions simultaneously experience adverse effects insurmountably. In normal conditions, such events are foreseeable, predictable, and preventable.

Know about Metformin’s effects on blood glucose.

Metformin is a chemical substance that lowers sugar levels in the blood by enhancing the way the body produces and uses insulin. It is a support mechanism that supplements physical exercises and diet control of diabetes. Metformin is usually prescribed for diabetic patients when the most available options are insufficient to control the diabetic condition.

Vitamins A, D, E & K – therapeutic use

Vitamins are very crucial in everyday life. Vitamins support life differently. They help in boosting immunity and removing toxins in the body. The therapeutic use of vitamins includes but is not limited to stress management, healthy diet management, muscle exercises, and blood sugar level management.

How to prepare and draw up insulin

Drawing insulin from the vial is crucial because you do not want to expose it to germs or contaminate the solution. The insulin hormone is an essential protein in the human body. Technically, it helps the body to control levels of sugar. Imperatively, avoiding contaminating the vial content is very important.

Why is Immune Support Important?

The primary role of an immune system is to protect the body from potentially harmful and dangerous substances, toxins, germs, and other internal cell dynamics and changes that could lead to illnesses. The immune system consists of various organs, cells, hormones, and proteins whose primary role is protecting the body. There is a need to support the immune system in the human body effectively. Supporting the immune system means practicing the right activities like stress management, a healthy diet, and regular exercise.

Understanding Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic medical condition that occurs when high glucose is in the blood or extremely low glucose levels. The most common type of diabetes is high blood sugar content in the blood. This type of diabetes exists when there is little, or no insulin produced by the pancreases. Insulin is a hormone that helps the glucose in the blood to enter the cells. Low insulin production leads to diabetic conditions,  since there would be a high glucose level in the blood. Technically, insulin controls the level of sugar in the blood. Insulin is essential in controlling energy production in the body.

February 4, 2004, Mark Zuckerberg launches Facebook from his Harvard dormitory room

Mark Zuckerberg, a sophomore at Harvard, Launched Facebook social networking website on February 4, 2004. Objectively, Zuckerberg had built a social networking website to connect students around the campus. Little did he know how big the idea would grow in the global arena. Zuckerberg had gained celebrity status on the campus aft the previous Face Mash website, making him very popular.

February 5, 1924, 1st Winter Olympic Games close at Chamonix, France

Under the International Olympic Committee, the modern Olympic games developed different winter games, which were not implemented until February 5, 1924. Technically, it was held in Germany in 1916 but was averted due to the first world wars. The  IOC then decided to host the games in Chamonix, Mont Blanc, in 1924, about eight years later. The French government accepted and invited the games and proceeded to host the first Winter Olympic games that ever existed.

On February 7, 1992, Maastricht Treaty created the European Union (EU)

The European Union was formed through a treaty drafted on February 7, 1992, after a long turmoil of war and conflicts among the nations of Western Europe. The European Union was objectively aiming at the spirit of economic cooperation and rebuilding through signing the Maastricht Treaty of the EU. The minister from the European community signed the treaty. The aim was to call for better and improved economic integration and development.

February 10, 1355, The St. Scholastica’s Day Riot Breaks Out

What began as a brawl in the bar ended with 63 scholars and 30 locals dead. The brawl began between two students and a taverner. The students complained that they had been served a low-quality drink at the bar. The taverner replied in vulgar and stubborn language. One argument led to another, and the students threw their drinks to the taverner’s face. They also assaulted him. That is when all hell broke loose.

1886 State of Emergency in Seattle For Anti-Chinese Violence

On February 7, 1886, war broke out between the residents and the Chinese Residents in Seattle. The mob was objectively meant to force the Chinese residents out of Seattle. The violence greatly impacted President Grover Cleveland, who ordered a state of emergency and declared martial laws. Large numbers of federal troops were sent to Seattle to restore order. What followed was weeks of lockdown of Seattle. The anti-Chinese riot broke into groups – those who favored the forceful eviction and those who wanted an eviction through a legislative process.

Tiberius Claudius Caesar Britannicus, heir to the Roman Emperorship

The untimely death of Tiberius Claudius Caesar Britannicus (February 12 AD 41 – February 11 AD 55), who was the true heir of the Roman Emperorship, was denounced by his stepbrother Nero, under the influence of Agrippina, Nero’s mother. Britannicus was the son of Claudius, the Roman Emperor, and his third wife, Messalina. Messalina was found with an atrocity of a bigamous marriage and the plot to overthrow Claudius.

ADHD and Self Stimulating Behaviors

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a mental health condition that affects the parts of the human brain, limiting the human brain to function normally. About 11% of children and 5% of adults are affected by ADHD. It is most common in boys than in girls (CDC). Characteristics of ADHD are lack of attention, inability to stay still, or interruption. People affected with ADHD are unable to focus on their tasks. Students who have ADHD perform poorly academically.

How to care for someone with Dementia

Dementia is a mental illness with many symptoms, including sudden thinking, remembering, reasoning, and behavior. Technically, people with Dementia have extreme memory loss and erratic behavior, with no consolidated line of thoughts. There are multiple ways of handling people with dementia.

Alcohol Misuse

Alcohol has been part of the human lifestyle since time immemorial. However, misuse of the alcoholic contents has led to considerable damages, including loss of lives, maimed persons, and property loss. There are, however, ways of consuming alcohol respectfully and advisably. Alcohol consumption, if properly handled, is often entertaining and very necessary.

What Are The Best Medications For Treating Constipation?

Experiencing difficulties in defecation is a common disorder in the population. Professionals define constipation as having < 3 bowel movements per week. Physicians use various medications to treat constipation according to symptoms experienced by patients. Patients define constipation differently, and some purchase drugs over the counter (Leung et al., 2011). Therefore, it is vital to know various medications given for constipation to get proper treatment.

Emotional Stress

Emotional stress can take a toll on us and make us feel bad for a long time. It can cause pain that may not vanish quickly and make us brood for too long. It’s devastating effects can cause a series of grief and render us unproductive. But how do we deal with emotional stress?

5 Significant Body Systems Affected By Brain Stressors

Every day, you are exposed to different events that lead to different stress levels. However, some stress can be good because it signals your body to create the “fight or flight” signal and prepares you to react or respond to the situation. But when the brain keeps sending the stress signal, your body system may be exposed to different health dangers due to continuous exposure to stress.

Behind the Scenes: Depression and Skin Changes

There is a new term describing certain medical conditions, one that describes the connection between the mind and the skin. This term explains how depression and other negative feelings or thoughts can significantly impact one’s skin. As a result, the conventional medicine world should be ready to explore a novel medical field that cuts across other disciplines such as psychology and psychiatry.
The term pyschodermatology describes the relationship of an individuals’ emotions on their skin.

Brain Training Games: Do They Have Cognitive Benefits?

While there is a surge in the number of individuals that play brain-training games, there is controversy over accepting that there are cognitive benefits attached to playing such games. Some claim that it can boost your cognitive abilities, while others argue that it does little to nothing. As a result, a new study conducted reveals some missing numbers while picking the puzzles in this regard.

5 Significant Impacts of Helping Others

Suppose you want to spend a significant part of your life to living healthier. In that case, consider volunteering some part of your time to help other people within your community and beyond. When you spend your energy, money and time in helping others the return on investment is huge.

How to Drive Employee Engagement for Your Remote Team

Remote work and remote teams have been on the rise over recent years – more specifically since the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic. More companies and organizations are adjusting to this new remote normal if not already settled. Remote teams tend to be happier, engaged, flexible, and more productive.

How Personal Objectives and Key Results Help to Keep You Healthy 

Personal or individual OKRs can be best described as goals you set and focus on to progress in life through achievements and happiness as a result. These are goals set for an individual as an employee, such as evaluating their productivity and success using metrics relevant to that individual. For example, you can change your career path and pick a new profession that makes you happy and gives you absolute peace and satisfaction. 

A Child’s Brain Development

Different studies about living things show that disrupting biological rhymes affects their normal functioning. This is also true to the development of the brain. Scholars have developed various ways of earlier brain development in educational systems by using top biology experiments for curious minds. 

Infinite Vitality and Your Path to Discoveries

To begin with, energy healing is a form of complementary medicine where the body’s energy systems are activated to remove blocks. Removing the energetic blocks enables the body to heal itself. The healing is based on the belief that the human body has an energy field that affects health and well-being. The goal is to restore a balance of energy in the body, both physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Reframing the Image of Aging

Time is constant, and aging is a must for everyone. However, this is a reality that not so many like to hear of or confront for various fears. This fear of aging has more to do with self-esteem and the thrill and energy of being young. The stereotypes related to aging and those that portray older adults as feeble, useless, or out of touch are common. However, the image of aging is being reframed as a way of countering ageism and the stereotypes present.

What You Need to Know About Hormonal Change

Hormonal change or imbalance comes with various effects, some likable while others are greatly detested. Hormones are released into the bloodstream, and due to their role in the body, they can easily cause side effects to the whole body. Hormone change or imbalance can cause many shifts in the body, whether there is too much of the said hormone or too little of it in the bloodstream.

Optimize Your Nutritional Intake

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is as vital as breathing. Your beauty, well-being, and mental stability are at stake if you’re negligent towards your diet. All sorts of diseases, early aging, obesity, mood swings, and an unhealthy lifestyle can be kept at bay by optimizing your nutritional intake.

5 Tips to Push Your Business Forward

Every entrepreneur dreams of a better tomorrow with a bigger business and global clientele. Progress is not possible overnight. You have to be slow, steady, smart, and sedulous consistently. The following tips will provide you with an insight into the strategies prosperous businessmen focus on to improve their business outcomes:

Does Emotional Intelligence Rock Your Boat?

Your emotional, cognitive, and learning processes are like a chain – all linked tightly. The way we feel, think, and behave determines our personality. Therefore, it’s important to unleash at the right time and place. They say that we humans are creatures of emotions, not logic. That’s why most of us think from our hearts.

Energy is Our Future

Energy is essential for daily living. But we also have to be responsible about where we get it. No matter what kind of society we live in, some sort of energy source is necessary to cook our food, fuel our transport, and manufacture items. 

FTC Disclosures: Why These Disclosures Matter?

It’s no surprise that social media is ruling the roost. Many companies are now turning to affiliate marketing. This is the practice of hiring or compensating third-party groups/individuals to talk about their products and hopefully lead to more sales. The success of affiliate marketing is why social media influencers are such a big deal nowadays. However, this also means that FTC disclosures are very important. 

How to Cope With Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is physically and psychologically taxing, and the constant pain can lead to resentment and anger toward yourself and many others. Chronic pain is defined as pain that lasts longer than six months and interferes with a person’s daily activities. While doctors can treat the medical components of chronic pain, psychologists are particularly qualified to help you manage the mental and emotional parts of this generally debilitating condition.

How to Cope with Traumatic Events

Due to a traumatic incident, such as a traffic accident, plane crash, violent crime, terrorist attack, epidemic, or a natural disaster such as an earthquake, hurricane, or flood, you may experience great shock, confusion, and fear. You may also feel exhausted or overwhelmed by several opposing emotions at once. These emotions aren’t confined to all those who saw the event. Traumatic stress can break your sense of stability, cause you to feel weak and unsafe in a dangerous world—mainly if others, such as a stranger, caused the traumatic incident. These emotions are normal.

Brain Allergies?

A brain allergy is recognized by a limited, somewhat disputed body of literature as any abnormal reaction to a food or other chemical that causes psychological, emotional, or neurological symptoms. Indeed, allergy symptoms can have far-reaching implications beyond their irritating effects on the nose and gastrointestinal tract. An allergic reaction can affect many emotional and behavioral symptoms, including anxiety, agitation, confusion, depression, palpitations, sweat, lack of focus, and mental slowness, also known as “brain fog.”

Our Brain Connection With The Immune System

The concept of stress supports the idea that the brain can control immune system activity. New advances in studying the central nervous system’s interactions with the immune system have revealed a large connectivity network between the two systems. Branches of the autonomic nervous system innervate lymphoid organs.

What Is Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria and fungi grow the capacity to overcome antibiotics designed to kill them. It shows that the germs are not killed and multiply rapidly. Each year, more than 2.8 million antibiotic-resistant illnesses occur worldwide. According to the CDC’s 2019 Antibiotic Resistance (AR) Threats Report, more than 35,000 people will die.

Sepsis: Causes, Risk Factors and Complications

Sepsis is a possibly deadly illness that happens whenever the body’s immune system attacks its very own organs in reaction to an infection. When the body’s infection-fighting systems step in, organs perform badly and improperly. Septic shock can occur from sepsis. It is a sudden drop in blood pressure that can cause severe organ damage or death. Treatment with antibiotics and intravenous fluids increases the chances of survival.

Gut-Brain Connection Our Second Brain

The gut-brain connection is no joke. It is a window to your Soul and wellness. Any misalignment can cause anxiety and vice versa. Have you ever had a tummy debacle? Do you get sick in certain situations? Have you ever had the feeling of having “butterflies” in your stomach? Emotions affect the gastrointestinal tract. Anger, worry, sadness, and joy are just a few emotions that can cause symptoms in the gut.

Analysis on remortgaging following increased interest rate by the Bank of England

The Bank of England is the sole Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) in the United Kingdom. The housing market is one sector that relies heavily on the economy of the country and global financial market stability. The specific economic status has an imperative conclusion to the remortgaged housing stability. England has experienced a potential economic crisis whose impact on the housing markets was insurmountable.

Financial Health Analysis

Financial health analysis looks at persons or company’s financial positions, which go a long way in helping one to make well-informed financial and business decisions. Through financial analysis, a business owner can come up with models that can address the economic woes experienced. However, in a business that has streamlined its process and isn’t making huge losses, financial health analysis will help the company strengthen any weak areas while also checking if the company can overcome the changes that occur with inflation and deflation.

Understanding Endowment Consulting 

An endowment refers to an investment structure employed by large Not for Profit institutions such as schools and hospitals. The endowment’s purpose is to raise capital invested in the not-for-profit organization portfolio to fund its activities. The principal money usually is never withdrawn. This can work in perpetuity as it earns interest.

Today’s Tax Planning strategies

If something is draining and stressful, it is doing your taxes. Taxes is one issue that we must deal with on a day-to-day basis. Doing taxes, however, does not have to be a daunting task. When understood, doing taxes, and having a plan to boot can help avoid a lot of liability along the way and ensure all is well with the law. Tax planning refers to legal strategies that can be employed to reduce income, increase deductibles, and earn allowable tax credits.

Investment management 

Investment management refers to the process of building a portfolio. It may include but is not limited to bonds, stock, and investment vehicles that are important to an individual’s financial growth. Different strategies exist in investment management depending on the profile of an investor. The end goal is to achieve the rate of return that a client needs at an acceptable level of risk. Investment management can be done with the help of an investment professional or individually. 

Principles of holistic wealth management 

As an individual’s financial goals grow, so does the need for sound financial advice. Previously, one would need to have various financial advisors for different aspects of their financial planning. These include a banker, a tax professional, an estate agent, an insurance agent, and investment managers. As much as it would seem like the advisors are of importance, some of the advice that may come from them may be redundant. It is recommended to have our financial planning under one roof to be safe. 

 Social Networking Catfishing: I found the one, wait probably not ☹

“I have been catfished!” This has become a common phrase that we hear people say. As social media becomes popular, advanced, and widely used, some people are also busy stealing identities and impersonating others. Most of these are common in dating apps where a user swipes right because they have liked the person on the profile only to realize later that it is a stolen identity.

Social Media: From Six to TikTok.

Social media is a communication channel through which people share ideas, thoughts, information, and pictures electronically. It is one of the quickest ways to get information across different people. Social Media has gained popularity over the years and currently has over 3.8 billion users globally.

What is Lifecycle Marketing?

Lifecycle marketing is meant to modify messages based on the present stage of the client and meet the requirements they have to transfer them to the next phase. Each phase of lifecycle marketing needs a diverse message to keep a client engaged.

The Art Of Confrontation

Steps To Confronting a Loved One in a Healthy Way. Confrontation means addressing an issue with someone through word of mouth. Most people would assume that confronting someone will entail using a loud voice and harsh words like a quarrel.

. Power Of Prayer Hidden Benefits

You can combat the plans of the enemy to destroy your destiny through prayer. God’s power in our lives may either reach us or linger away from us, depending on our actions and decisions. You will access supernatural authority and strength through genuine love and devotion to God. We need to go away from the mediocre routine of praying without in a shallow way and realize our authority in spirit.

Victory Effects of Forgiveness The Power of Forgiving

Forgiving means letting go of a grudge or ill feelings towards oneself or others. We know from experience that compassion may not be easy since the people who hurt us usually leave a print of scars in our hearts and minds. However, it is good to forgive since it impacts your well-being. There are steps to forgiveness that you will find worthwhile to consider if you struggle to forgive a wrong.

How Classical Music Improves Your Brain Power

Listening to pure music may impact your mind, body, and soul. These effects may generate a feeling of well-being and serenity, which are the proper ingredients to a happy and fulfilling life. It is best to know the different types of classical music if you want to enjoy the tunes and feel the magic of soft, combining instruments.

Physical Exercise Methods and Techniques

While it is crucial to undertake physical exercise at any level, consideration should be taken on the ways in which training is conducted. The techniques involved will determine the overall condition and Performance of players. The different methods and techniques in physical training include; continuous training, fartlek, plyometric and flexible training.

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