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Meal Plans For Seniors

The human body is always evolving. You cannot rely on your body to work the same as it used to when you were younger. The effects of malnutrition on the body are more visible as we get older.

Debt Settlement

The debt settlement industry witnessed an underrepresented growth in the 2000s. There were complaints against debt settlement; some claimed it never worked for them. Debt settlement companies promise extraordinarily low payoffs, with some taking advantage of customers’ fears and their dislike for big companies offering credit card services. 

European Blackjack

Playing Blackjack like a pro is a form of art that requires proficiency. It takes lots of practice and luck to understand the finer points of a game like European Blackjack. Over the years, casinos and casino games have been a preserve for the rich and famous. However, today, all these games are easily accessible, especially…

Review: Totem Lightning by Red Tiger Games

Red Tiger Gaming has done it again with the recent launch of the Native American-themed slot game that is meticulously designed. Their five reels, 40 pay line game introduces the players to lightning strikes that eliminate low-value symbols, tumbling reel re-spins and an exciting ‘picks’ round with pay-outs as high as 1,000 times their total…

Virtual Reality – The next big thing

Virtual reality VR is a strange yet exciting technology. It is a technology that simulates images into real-life visual experiences. It uses computer vision and advanced graphics to create 3D photos and videos that are way beyond those seen in video games or produced by the computer alone.


“Instead of focusing on the competition, focus on the customer.” Scott CookA client is anybody who requires your professional advice or service. It would be best if you were deliberate about understanding your target audience. Who is your target audience? What do they love and like? The goal is to transform them from a target…

Review: BitGo Bitcoin Wallet

A bitcoin wallet is a space or software program where someone can store, receive and send bitcoins to others. There are four main types of bitcoin wallets: mobile, desktop, hardware and web. Technically speaking, bitcoins cannot be stored anywhere; rather, what is stored in the wallet is a private key for each bitcoin address saved…

Five strategies for setting financial goals for your business

Set SMART goals: SMART is an acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. Setting smart goals for your business helps narrow your focus and gives you a concise picture of what you want to achieve, making it more achievable. Having clear or vague goals might make accomplishing the goals seem impossible. SMART goals can…


Our circadian rhythms are connected to the daily cycle of light and darkness. These diurnal cycles influence our response to all things. “Kindness begins with me” -Anonymous. Demonstrating love, care, and kindness for some people is a constant.


As a business owner, If you want your company to grow, pay attention to your employees. This is one thing that’ll give you an edge over your competitors. A company is nothing without its employees. Here is a guide for improving team productivity.

Cashshuffle vs. Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash mixer Cashshuffle introduced to the world. Even within that short time, the platform has accrued several users and attention. Since the 27th of March, 8,625 Bitcoin Cash shuffled outputs have been recorded. In addition to that, there are close to 2,000 Cashshuffle operations that have been undertaken. The users of Bitcoin Cash now have…


As a business owner, you need to work smarter in these times of budget cuts. Budget cuts equal new processes to adapt to the change. Every team already has a laid down method of operation. Therefore, implementing new work processes in your team might prove tasking. It is similar to trying to teach your old…

Influencers Deception

Influencer marketing is a term exclusively used in the modern era to describe the type of advertising on social media. The influencer marketing sector is growing, yet this information is based on skewed numbers, ludicrous premises, and misleading procedures. Keep reading to find out more about influencers’ misleading and deceptive results.

Refinancing: The Power of Debt Consolidation

Having so many loans to pay every month can be overwhelming. In most cases, consolidating your loans is the best way to solve this problem. Debt consolidation involves combining all your high-interest loans into one low-interest loan. This will help you save some money besides making your loan payment easier. 


In the daily running of a business, data, knowledge, and information are generated daily. All these, if not properly documented, could lead to chaos. Your staff will always lag on work because the data to help them work effectively needs to be better organized. One dependable app you can trust with proper internal documentation is…


Visual content assists with lead generation and customer retention. Visual content comes in images, photographs, graphs and drawings, photo collages, images with texts, screenshots, etc. Today we’ll focus on screenshots.

Diabetes and Diabetes Management Solutions ~ Part 3

As mentioned before, the goal of an excellent diabetes management program from the payer is to lower care costs and morbidity. Outcomes condition management program provides payers with an avenue to connect with their patients in regard to diabetes and other chronic health conditions.  With Outcomes, pharmacists can address numerous education and drug therapy problems.…

Diabetes and Diabetes Management Solutions ~ PART 1

iabetes is a long-term (chronic) disease that affects the body’s ability to convert food into energy. Your body turns the bulk of what you eat into sugar, which is then released into the bloodstream. Insulin is released because the body’s blood sugar levels increase after eating since you need insulin for glucose to permeate your…

Dunedin spinal injection treatments.

Do you know that the spinal cord is the primary source of lower back pain? We have all, at one point, felt some pain in our back. Maybe after a wrong sitting posture, lifting heavy equipment, or even an unknown trigger. Can you imagine that sharp pain you have experienced once or twice becoming constant…

Grace and Comfort

Love is a beacon to all of us.  In this season of celebration, we can bring love, comfort, and grace to family, friends, neighbors, and our community. Legacy work is a soul-filled perspective in which we lead with a heart that is full, not empty.

Understanding 3 Common Kinds of Contracts

Contracts are a major part of every industry, but they’re also a source of stress for many inexperienced business owners. If you’re facing an upcoming negotiation, and you’re not sure how to prepare, you can start by gaining an understanding of three of the most common types of contracts — sales agreements, service agreements, and…

The Process of Creating a Content Calendar

Organizations can benefit from content calendars, but so can any marketer who relies on content to fuel their company’s growth. A content planner or calendar gives you a quick snapshot of your content schedule for weeks or months ahead. Keep reading to find out how to create a content calendar.

How to Use Third-Party Sites to Post on Social Media

Having your social media accounts is a great way to promote yourself, keep in touch with customers or prospects, and raise your brand’s visibility. But have you considered utilizing the social media channels of other companies as well? Keep reading to find out how to use third-party sites to post on social media!

How to Craft a Social Media Plan for Your Business

Many businesses need social media. Are these companies maximizing social media? Creating a profile and posting occasionally isn’t enough. Never happened. Many companies lack a written social media marketing strategy. Without a clear social media plan and workflow, you’ll miss out on social media marketing results. If you take your time, you can set and…


Peace is a state of calm and tranquility within the storm of life. Peace comes from within, not without. The Oxford dictionary describes peace as, ‘Freedom from anxiety, disturbance (emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical) or conflict. 

How to Prepare For Menopause as a Normal Human Function?

Current studies associate aging with exposing individuals to deadly global diseases such as cardiovascular, peripheral, and neurovascular diseases. However, menopause is a natural phenomenon for women, and most experience menopause transition symptoms before finally getting to menopause. There are no approved treatments for pre-menopause symptoms, but practitioners offer appropriate medications to specific individuals to ease…

Why is Self Confidence Important in Healthy Living?

The homeostasis study in human physiology offers knowledge about biological systems which affect a person’s automated process that maintains stability. People respond to stress differently due to various factors. Through a self-regulating process, self-esteem plays a central role in evaluating many situations and therefore affects responses to stress. In addition, self-confidence enhances human functions or…

Determinants of Population Health

Population health perspectives focus on the need for healthy populations through a clear understanding, management, and intervention of the factors that affect people’s health in an area. Broadly, these concepts encompass vulnerability to disease, trends of disease prevalence, availability of clinical services within communities, individual awareness of health-related issues, and government regulations on healthcare activities.

Risk of Teenage Pregnancy

Girls between 10-19 years are at high risk of developing health conditions due to early pregnancy. According to world health organization (WHO) research, “early pregnancies among adolescents have major health and social consequences” (WHO 2). More so, pregnancy puts many girls at risk of suffering from health complications, diseases and infection, and future pregnancy conditions.

Where medications are excreted and metabolized

Medication metabolism is the biotransformation of pharmaceutical substances in the body to enable easy elimination. It is usually an enzymatic process. Medication drug excretion is the elimination of the intact drug. Drugs are mainly excreted through renal excretion (drug travels from the kidney to bladder and then to urine). Other means are sweat, bile, saliva,…

What you should know about acetaminophen 

Acetaminophen, also called paracetamol or Tylenol, is used to treat moderate pain. It belongs to a class of drugs called analgesics (pain relievers) and antipyretics (fever reducers). The analgesic drug relieves headaches, menstrual cramps, fever, and general body aches by elevating the body’s pain threshold.

Adverse effects of nitroglycerin

In medicine, nitroglycerin has been in active use for over a century. Nitroglycerin is known as vasodilators or nitrates. It is a medication used to treat angina pectoris (acute chest pain) in people with coronary artery disease. The drug serves as a vasodilator, thereby reducing blood pressure and dilating the vascular system.

Mending your tumultuous relationship

Are you engulfed in a tumultuous relationship? Are there patterned disagreements and fights? It is only normal to encounter serious troubles in relationships, but these issues constitute what builds a relationship. However, in some cases, these problems graduate from minor misunderstandings to major roadblocks, turning a healthy relationship into a tumultuous one. Tumultuous relationships are…

Building a healthy relationship

Everybody wants a healthy relationship, but only a few commit themselves to the building and maintenance Nobody wakes up to a healthy relationship. Relationships have ups and downs, but healthy relationships are built on certain fundamentals. Having healthy relationships, platonic or romantic, can positively affect our general well-being, thereby overwhelming us with happiness and satisfaction…

Variety of Book Summaries on Instaread

Do you want to read a particular book, either fiction or non-fiction? Do you intend to branch out and enjoy a new genre? If so, Instaread offers a variety of book summaries, allowing you to get a sneak peek into the book type or genre you want. Here are the top categories of book summaries…

Can you imagine……

Can you imagine the joy fall brings as the color turn, the breezes cool, and the sweaters come out of storage? We are all part of the cycle of life, moving from spring, summer, autumn and winter, involving birth to aging that we cannot change. Life routines bring peace and adaptation. We all want what…

Science of Thankfulness

Scientific research in human physiology has created prevention and successful treatments including vaccines, drugs, and procedures. Evolutionary medicine looks to preventing and treating the changing health conditions through human physiology studies. Globally the Nobel Prize in physiology honors important discoveries in the field every year.

Brain food for productive thinking    

Most people think of their diet as a means to maintain their physical health,  It is also important to consider brain foods for productive thinking in that diet. Through human physiology, neuroscience research identified nutrients found in some foods we consume to influence human cognitive abilities. 

How to Prepare For Menopause: Health Conditions

Menopause is a natural phenomenon, and most experience transition symptoms of peri-menopause before finally getting to menopause. Therefore, women should prepare for menopause transition symptoms and, most importantly, intensifying menopausal symptoms. Health care practitioners can offer appropriate medications to specific individuals to ease discomfort and pains felt over the years.

Does Self Confidence Effect Your Health?

Medicine has enhanced their knowledge of human biological systems through the homeostasis study in human physiology. Some experiments show that individual automated processes, which maintain mental and physical stability, can be affected by some factors.

What You Need to Know About Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is the primary cause of major road accidents globally. While many other factors cause accidents, the drivers’ focus and concentration are essential in preventing many accidents. In a well-defined descriptive analysis, accidents occurring from driver distractions can be easily prevented by being alert and observing road signs information accurately.

The Four Types of Driver Distractions

Focus is lost whenever a driver takes their eyes off the road. The result puts passengers and themselves at risk. Visual distractions are the common reason for focus loss. A driver needs to set their view straight and concentrate on the road. As a driver, you are expected to be a sane user of the…

How do Supply Chain Companies Work and Prepare 

Supply chain in business management analysis postulates a hypothetically interesting period in financial analysis and conditioned management strategies. Comparatively, acquiring an entire firm in the recent past was easy. As such, completing a transaction was arbitrarily rapid since it did not involve multiple complications from the acquirer’s financial basis.

Measuring Your Excellence

Holding yourself to personal excellence is one of the most important milestones indicating emotional intelligence and developmental growth. Technically, measuring individual excellence takes more than a simple exercise. At a personal level, excellence can best be measured through inclusive concepts of behavior and success in daily chores. Many challenges are faced upon growing substantially in…

How to Survive the loss of a loved one 

The concept of death is barely accepted by anyone. Psychotherapists play an integral role in helping people cope with such situations. They present life in multiple views, most of which had never been explained before. By the time they leave, the griever is more knowledgeable about the value and context of life. They take you…

Women who use positive thinking to improve their lives

Women predominantly use positive thinking to overcome challenges that come their way. Positive thinking is changing the realms in which we prepare for the future. By definition, positive thinking gives the impression that an individual can live a happy life by thinking of the right thoughts and engaging in practical activities. Positive psychology has a…

Top Women Gamers on YouTube

While computer gaming might have been a male-dominated zone in the recent past, the modern woman has broken that stereotypic mentality. While the male counterparts still overshadow the female gamers, the female gamers have left a mark that every YouTube gaming fan knows and would want to be associated with. Female dominion in online gaming…

Ways to stay safe in your work environment ~ personal safety

Unproductive and poorly motivated colleagues can destroy a person’s career development and growth. Such individuals make it difficult to grow in cases where they are the bosses or play an integral role in the work environment. Avoiding such people may be difficult since they directly control an individual’s autonomy. When malicious people are in control,…

How a mentor helps shape your career

A mentor forms the core growth facilitation process, without which businesses and careers would fail immensely. The support modality from mentors builds a person differently by helping them reinvent themselves and see opportunities that have not been explored. Sometimes business individuals have the right methods of succeeding in business. However, they may not be fully…

Why every businesswoman needs a mentor

With the right supportive and knowledgeable mentors, women can break every barrier in their line of business, traditionally male-dominated. Women display courage and the ability to pursue success on their own. However, without the right guidance and direction, it is easy to fail. Mentors have a wealth of experience and information at their fingertips. They…

Best of the Best: Instaread

Instaread covers fiction books in addition to nonfiction literature, whereas the majority of the other applications exclusively summarize nonfiction works. In addition, it offers what it calls “Instaread Originals,” which are unique descriptions of a particular subject or individual.

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