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Could CBD Relieve Symptoms of Autism ~ CBD Snapshot

Autism Spectrum Disorder, (ASD) is a developmental disorder that affects one in every 59 kids in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC). Autism, though more common in children, affects…

Dangers of Vaping CBD: Fact vs. Fiction ~ CBD Snapshot

Approach CBD vaping with a measured dose of caution and an awareness of risk factors. Widespread interest in both vaping and CBD continue to grow, which makes it an enticing option…..


With the increasing knowledge of the health implications of obesity, many people are seeking effective ways to reduce and maintain their body weight.

The Dubious Link: Association Of Low Carb Diets With Mortality

What are the long-term effects of consuming a LCHF diet? Well, we cannot base any conclusions on the controversial study conducted by the Lancet Public Health.

Analysis Bad Science: Low-Carb Diet & Mortality

The latest low-Carb diet research published in Lancet Public Health strongly suggests that diets low in carbs have the possibility of shortening the lifespan of a person.

How are practitioner’s supporting their clients’ ongoing practice? 

It is essential that practitioners offering professional support to their clients understand and relate to human suffering.

The Practice of Emotional Fitness and Energetic Cleansing

The experience of emotions can be positive, negative, healing, destructive, pleasurable, or discontent, depending ….

Release Takes Work

The release does not happen overnight; it takes work. This work involves peeling back the layers, and layers of hurt.

Memory Imprinting and Storage

Releasing Trauma Pain Bodies:  The Choice

A psychologically injured brain results from holding and storing painful memories. This type of pain body or trauma is challenging to heal…...read

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Top 3 Considerations for an Indoor Grow

Traditional farming has proven that greenhouses are far more sustainable than indoor production…..

The Science of Cannabidivarin (CBDV)

There is so much noise surrounding Cannabis, it is close to impossible to separate fact from fiction. Everyone appears to want a piece of the hundred-billion dollar industry and turn a quick profit. Where can customers place trust and faith?  Sometimes the medical model….

Laxogenin: All the Muscle Gains Without All The Risk

People, who are looking to make muscle gains, know that supplements are helpful in reaching those goals. Yet so many aren’t aware of what exactly they’re taking, or what’s inside of those supplements they’re putting in their body several times a week.

What Makes a Good Professional Blog Post?

Everyone can blog; however, not all blogs are the same. With over 2 million blog posts written daily and close to 505 million blogs online as of 2018, one can say that blogging is here to stay.

Uncover the Myths of Popcorn Lung

Vaping is a subject that has generated a lot of buzz in the public domain during the last couple of years and the end is nowhere in sight. Many critics of vaping assert that e-cigarettes contain the same chemicals present in cigarettes.

Cloud Dentistry Hit Scheduling Production Goals

For most dentists and dental office managers, keeping a smoothly running schedule is an art.

Take Back the Truth: Misconceptions about Vaping

Self-education is essential for active decision making. Alfred Korzybski (1879-1950), author, logician, and scientist wrote,

There are two ways to slide easily through life: to believe everything or to doubt everything. Both ways save us from thinking.”

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Cancer Wellness ~ Ask the Doctor

Clinical pharmacist Dr. Diana Rangaves answers your questions about preventing cancer.

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Epidiolex: CBD Drug

Predictive Index ~ What Leaders Must Remember When Faced with Disappointment (PDF)

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Pharmacy Practice for Technicians ~ Cengage Learning

Pocket Guide for Pharmacy Technicians ~ Cengage Learning

Comprehensive Exam Review for Pharmacy Technicians ~  Cengage Learning

Pharmacology ~ E-Book: A Patient-Centered Nursing Process Approach ~ Elsevier


We are in the midst of a sea of change Epidiolex: New CBD Drug Download PDF.

The Monster ~ OpMed (PDF)

Ask Me Anything!  #Escape into Excellence HealthAMA   

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