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Ask Me Anything!  #Escape into Excellence HealthAMA

Head Editor | Videos Doctorpedia.com

Medical Writer |Editor On Course Learning

EC Pharmacology and Toxicology

The Secret’s Out! Two Investigations Administer a Dose of Reality in Pain and Addiction

Secrets Out Professional

Judgment of Academic Ethics: Will those Desirous of Power, Replace Excellence?

Death the Final Approach


Secrets From An Ethics Professor ~ 4 Steps to Book Marketing

Permission to let grief happen ~ Friendship An Author Interview with Diana

Inspired by Simplicity


Runners’ Shin Splints ~ An Integrative Approach


Runnerclick.com Medical Research Journalist

Runner’s Guide to Synovitis

Runner’s Guide to Hemolytic Anemia from Foot Strikes

The Runner’s Guide to Spondylolisthesis

Brazen Hub

The Superbowl: What Happens When You Never Give Up, Ever!

LocalPOV ~ Time, Inc.

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What are Electronic Medical Records (EMR) ~ MASTER Classroom

How to Optimize Performance in Organizations

Healthcare Nationwide

Medication Reconciliation: Accepting the Challenge

American Health & Drugs Benefits

Stakeholders Perspective: A Collaborative Approach to Drug Selection, Driven by Clinical Outcomes Excellence

e~Magazine Healthcare Worldwide Central

“Connecting the Educational and Clinical Essentials”

Healthcare Worldwide Central e~Magazine Premiere Issue

Healthcare Worldwide Central~ Master EMR

Healthcare Worldwide Central: Eight Tips for Successful Implementation

Healthcare Worldwide Central: The Embedded Pharmacist

Healthcare Worldwide Central: Angel of Transplant

Healthcare Worldwide Central: Going Home