Retargeting: What It Is and Why Your Brand Needs It

Companies spend a lot of time, money, and effort in creating their brand. But when the brand image doesn’t seem to be attracting a lot of potential customers, it might be time to work on a retargeting strategy.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing can be the most effective method to enhance brand affinity as well as the sale an organization makes. It is digital advertising that targets people who have visited your business website, special media pages, etc.

Retargeting ads are a part of the Facebook experience now and they also follow individuals to other websites they visit. The information they display is based on what the person has searched or clicked on at any point.

Why is Retargeting Effective?

The main effect of this practice is because people who visit your page or interact with businesses like yours are the logical audience to target. As a marketer, you shouldn’t assume that a one-time advertising effort will convert a website visitor into a paying customer.

With so much competition online, you must increase interactions with your target audience to build up brand affinity and awareness. The focus here is on creating brand awareness for all potential customers.

Most Important Elements of Remarketing

Below are the key elements of running, planning, and operating remarketing campaigns:

  • Placement: ideally, businesses follow internet users during their usual online activities, such as browsing the Facebook timeline or watching a video on YouTube
  • Audience Levels: These determine the interest level of a target audience right now—are they cold or warm? The answer will depend on whether they have spent time on the website and/or interacted with the brand online.
  • Messaging: Send messages to all types of audiences. But base them on the level they are at right now
  • Budget: Audience segmentations might cause a lot of complications that just eat up even huge budgets. However, the return will hopefully be worth it.


While retargeting can be a bit complex and even expensive, it has a good record of effectiveness. Try your brand exposure with this method and see the sales shoot up! If you’re a beginner, it’s time to hire a professional who can devise relevant retargeting strategies for your brand.