Sizzling Blog Titles and How to Write Them

Even if you have a brilliant blog post, chances are that it can get lost and ignored in cyberspace. There’s just too much information online. Even the most sincere and talented efforts can waste away without getting what they deserve.

Fortunately, there are certain ways to increase the likelihood of a blog post capturing its intended audience’s attention.

Why Make Blog Titles Appealing?

So, why should we put so much effort into blog post titles? Below are a few reasons to start working on them now:

  • Appealing titles boost any blog’s click-through rate
  • They attract more traffic
  • They help in engaging readers

Enhancing Blog Post Titles

Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Use unique, colorful words
  2. Make the titles directly related to solving a certain problem
  3. Trim the excess words from the title
  4. Stick to the topic above all else
  5. Check out sizzling topics written by other bloggers to get some valuable insights

Where to Start?

Some experts suggest starting by keeping blog titles under 120 characters. At the same time, you can consider the following options for blog title formats:

  • “Top 10 tips/resources/tricks/steps/products”: This type of blog title (best suited for listicles) will attract readers who want quick and useful tips or suggestions for a certain project, purchase, and so on.
  • “Hidden benefits/downsides/secrets”: This type of blog title is useful for opinion pieces, where the writer can reframe a situation to seem unique to the audience
  • “Are you overlooking/making a mistake/unaware of”: This type of blog title can be applied to posts that cater to the audience who are looking for success or solutions.


Like it or not, people who are quickly scrolling on the internet usually judge content by its title, cover photo, and other exterior factors. When a blogger is aware of this, they can find ways to work the system in their favor. Sizzling blog titles are just the start; keep on learning about the little tweaks you can do to make a lot of difference!