🛣Freedom to Become your BEST Self

🍎Remind yourself that all #professionalwriters are amateurs that never, ever gave up. How-to tips.

✍Set aside time to read and write.

👀Visible not to be hidden, consider #linkedintips, a website, or other media to post your work.

⛑Respect your point of view while open to learning what is true and good.

Think about it
• What are some ways you can #write?
• Think of your own path and #communitybuilding . Who are the people who have best demonstrated this?

🔮Presence on #LinkedIn is intimate. Yes, your spirit takes up residence with #views. So, consider imparting a piece of your transferrable skills, insight, and #wisdom with each post.

You have the power to nudge change. From timid to bold, you have an #empowering voice. How do you use it?