Twilio’s Performance in the Stock Market in the Last Three Quarters

Twilio has been one of the most promising stocks for some years. It might not be among the top 20 most expensive shares in the stock market, but its ability to rise from a melt-down and surprise most of us is outstanding. During the first quarter of last year, Twilio dropped in the stock market, and its shares lost value to reach $77. By the end of 2020, the Twilio shares’ price had recovered and increased by over 200%. Some investors thought that the 200% surge would be the Twilio stock’s prime and advised against buying shares. However, Twilio shocked its investors once again, and by the start of February 2021, Twilio shares had increased by over 460% in less than one year since March of 2020.

It’s Q121 and Twilio has already climbed above the 50-day/10-week lines and moving outside the buy range for its shares on January 20. The relative strength line rose to record heights and outperformed the S&P 500 index. Out of the best-possible 99, Twilio stock is currently ranked at 71 on the EPS Rating with a C on the SMR Rating, where the top score is A+. Twilio’s stock SMR & EPS Ratings result from the company’s sales metrics and key earnings.

Twilio’s profits were surprisingly high in the last three quarters even though there was the factor of a global pandemic. In 4Q20, revenues increased by 57% compared to the year ago quarter. The previous two quarters witnessed profits of 46% and 52%, respectively, also against the year ago quarters, so revenues remain strong. Twilio is already surpassing this year’s expectations of analysts and growing its revenue by 65% on an annualized basis. Twilio’s shares were expected to lose value by 8 cents per share but instead grew by 4 cents per shares. The expected revenue was $454.8 million but Twilio generated $548.1 million in revenue and exceeded expectations by $93.3 million.

Twilio has been one of the best investments in the past five years and will continue to uphold its position because since 2008, Twilio has been developing products that allow businesses to integrate messaging, voice, videos, and email marketing into their software(s) and websites. For example, alerts from Uber, Lyft, or Yelp are products of Twilio. Today, Twilio has over more than 220,000 active customer accounts resulting from an additional 13,000 active customer accounts acquired in the last 4 months. Twilios shares have also risen by a remarkable 22% this year and are expected to continue rising. Through a recent upsized share sale, Twilio managed to raise $1.5 billion which means that Twilio has big plans for its investors and customers this year.