Home-based therapy for kidney patients with symptoms of COVID-19

People with advanced chronic kidney disease specifically, those in dialysis, are vulnerable. The case for personalized home-based dialysis lies in its ability to let your doctor or healthcare manage you remotely. Home dialysis makes you responsible for your care. In this regard, the Advancing American Kidney Health Initiative (AAKHI) emphasizes that home dialysis should thrive so that patients can participate in their treatment.

It also gives room for lifestyle flexibility. Some other advantages of home dialysis include saving time, limited travel from center to home, and lower cost. However, home dialysis is underdeveloped for clinical, cultural, and economic reasons. In-hospital dialysis is usually simpler for nursing staff and less demanding for the patient. Others also argue that it reduces the physician’s involvement.

The good news is that dialysis physicians invented solutions to deal with the challenges that came with the pandemic. The lockdown has helped prevent the spread of COVID-19; it has revealed that home dialysis is an ideal approach in a pandemic.