Retention: 5 Brilliant Ways

With simple retention strategies you can mimic will keep your viewers engaged with your content.

Tell a Story

If you don’t have a story share one that is meaningful to you and tell us why. Scroll through your Smartphone news app specifically looking for an item that pops. When delivering describe it and tell us how it made you feel and why it popped for you.


Encourage people to comment. Reply to each comment and reaction. This keeps the content current and flowing.


Deliver your promises in your content keeps viewers engaged through each feature section of your content.

Open another loop

You can open another loop as a teaser but remember to deliver.

Mix it up

Your goal is for viewers to learn and understand your content. You are a teacher. Get creative and mix it up. It could be sourcing images, video, appealing quotes, animation, or zooming in and out with unusual camera angles. Make it fun!

Overall, be genuine.

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