Reboot: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up by Jerry Colonna is still one of the most demanded executive life coaches which was also nick-named “CEO Whisperer” by Gimlet Media. The book unravels why it is necessary to engage in radical self-inquiry in the journey towards professional success and healthy relationships in all aspects of life.

Through this outstanding piece of literature material, the author introduces the psychological habits and behaviors that will make them successful and accomplished executives and not just at the work place but also in their social endeavors. The author, jerry Colonna, also helps executives to make peace with their psychological demons that hold them back from being successful thus molding them to become the best versions of themselves.

Jerry Colonna was a venture capitalist who through this book became an executive coach who managed to incorporate a highly unusual combination of Jungian therapy, Buddhism, and entrepreneurial straight talk to help leaders advance from their limitations induced by psychological traumas, destructive behaviors, and habits that do not result to growth and prosperity.

Reboot helps CEOs, executives, and other readers to reset their lives, grow out of their comfort zones and away from unchallenging situations, get rid of emotional and psychological baggage, and grow their relationships through radical self-inquiry. Through Reboot, Jerry has managed to show other executives that the work they do does not have to be their source of self-destruction because it can easily ne the bridge that leads them towards achieving their full potential and becoming their best selves.