Two Types of the highest-performing types of content: Original research and strong opinion

Over the past decade, content marketing has become one of the most effective digital marketing strategies for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Today, effective content is not just about having a static website; it is mostly about discovery, engagement, and reengagement. Effective content attracts visitors and followers to notice and access your content, to actively engage with your website, and to revisit your website to gain trust and become satisfied customers.

There are various ways of conveying content such as images, videos, audios, text, and info-graphics. However, branding strategy is dependent on originality of the content and the strength of its opinion. While other sources can be used to create content, copy pasting and making a few alterations from existing work is far from original. Using ideas, facts, and statistics is acceptable if the original publisher receives proper credit and acknowledgment.

When writing original content, it is important to consider your audience by asking yourself: what is important to your audience? Can the audience familiarize with language used in the content? Will the information conveyed in the content be useful to the audience? It is also important to leverage your own mind and create content that is based on your perspective which will effectively help you create original content. Using creative and interesting visuals to enhance the information of your content also improves the originality of your work.

Informed opinions from appropriately qualified people have value in our society and in content creation. Opinion-oriented content is not only informative and convincing, it also fun to read and it attracts attention. For example, people trying to find a car, a building contractor, or cosmetic procedure will look for guidance especially through the opinions of qualified and experienced professionals.