5 Reasons to Invest in Organic Marketing

Do you know that based on projection, it was estimated that over $183 billion would be spent on marketing alone in the United States in the year 2017? This is expected to increase significantly in the year 2018. Marketing remains undoubtedly the engine room of every business. It is a must-do for every organization that desires success. It is the process by which a company introduces its service or product to its prospects. However, marketing needs to be effective and results-oriented before an organization can benefit and see a return on investment.   

The advent of the World Wide Web in the year 1989 has changed a lot of things, which includes the way and how business is conducted. More than ever before, consumers have more choices on how and where to spend their money. In view of this, many companies are taking advantage of the World Wide Web to market their products or services.

One simple way an organization with a great product or service can achieve success with less marketing costs is by investing in what is known as natural or organic marketing.

For the remaining part of this write-up, we would be considering what organic marketing is, and five reasons you need to invest in it.

What is organic marketing?

This is also referred to as inbound advertising. It is a natural way to attract customers by the quality of the information on the website and other platforms, such as social media pages, e-mail lists, podcasts, and customize it to be relevant to the needs of clients.  

Some components of organic marketing determine the ranking of your website on the search engine. These include; social media, blogging, search engine optimization, e-mail lists, etc.  

1. Help build your brand

Although the metrics used by search engine companies to determine the ranking of the website changes frequently; however, one thing is sure; companies investing in organic marketing must strive to provide a worthwhile experience to both clients and visitors to their sites. Every company wants to be known for something great. Investing in organic marketing is a long-term project. The process could take months or even years before the results start coming, and even at that, the work still continues. However, in the long run, it is the best option compared to inorganic marketing. Organic marketing is for an organization that wants to build its brand and attract and retain loyal clients.

2.   Reduce your cost of marketing.

Investing in organic marketing is a simple way your organization can reduce its marketing cost and still achieve lasting results. With organic marketing, your website and social media pages are displayed based on how the search engine algorithm sees its value and relevance to the needs of the searchers. It works based on the previous work you have done on the pages of your site and social media networks. The only recurring investment is to keep the information on your blog, social media pages, relevant as people’s needs change. This is not the same as paid advertising, where you would keep paying for your company website to be displayed.

3.  You earn more revenue.

Investing in organic marketing can indeed attract a lot of leads and quality traffic to your website or social media pages. This can provide your organization another means of generating income. This revenue stream is achieved by selling advert space to other businesses that want to display their adverts on your medium.

4.  Help your company to generate more sales.

Investing in organic marketing is a great way of converting prospects to clients. This is possible by making their stay on your website or social media pages a worthwhile experience. A call to action based on your business goal must consistently be included on every page.

5. Enhance your company’s trust and credibility.

Investing in organic marketing can help your company build trust and credibility before both prospects and clients. All the components of organic marketing work together in making prospects and clients feel at ease in transacting business, in a safe and efficient platform experience.

Golden nugget

There is no doubt that investing in organic marketing is an excellent long-term strategy. Combing the financial incentives, promotion of your brand as a company, building trust and credibility among prospects and clients, and engaging visitors, it is a smart choice and proactive move for any company looking to grow.


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