5 Secrets to Make the Most of Your 401(k) Money

Capitalize on your 401(k) to make the most of your money. Saving is a retirement account is the most valuable asset all employees have available.  The accumulation of tax-deferred money provides an enormous advantage. Make sure your money works for you as maximum performance and capacity.

There are numerous financial tools and forums available to help you and your family to create a game plan. In addition, consider researching a trusted financial advisor along the way. Some helpful tools include Smart Asset, Nerd Wallet, and Bank Rate. In addition to YouTube videos, what is a 401K? Moreover, Mark Cuban Explains Why a 401K is a no-brainer. Your employer is a good source of retirement information, investment options, and resources.

Formulate a financial plan

All goals start with a vision. Write down your goals, how you will meet them, how much do you currently have, how much you will require, what is your yearly income, and where you wish to take them. Saving for retirement is no different from any other planning you have done. This is a reality check. The written plan will serve as an important reminder to remain on track. Focus on the long-range plan.

Save consistently

By saving as much as you can today, the payoff in the end will be greater. Yes, delayed gratification is not always easy; however, having a secure passive revenue stream will make for a happy and content retirement. The recommendation is to put away 10-20 percent each year, every year. A persistent, steady, and dependable approach can ensure that there will be enough money to maintain the same lifestyle later in life.

Avoid temptation

Everyone is tempted to tap into the reservoir of the 401(k) at one time or another. Resist this enticement and avoid early withdrawals. The long-term consequences can have a large impact at retirement. There is an early withdrawal penalty of 10% coupled with income taxes. Use this account as a last resort during financial hardships.


The more you save the more you will have. Use fully any employer funds matching program and invest the maximum from your side. Some employers have yearly opportunities to match the money you are putting away. Take advantage of every occasion. Compounded interest and dividends is a serious avenue of free money. Your investments will grow and you will have more free money that compounds as you head to retirement. Check with your employer’s retirement investment department.

Immediate tax advantage

Any money you save in your 401(k) plan provides an instant tax benefit. These funds taken from your paycheck are not immediately taxed. This means more money in your investment account to accumulate.  Think about it as a pre-tax contribution to yourself. Check out another smart choice offered by some employers called a Roth 401(k). This investment is on a tax-free basis.

The golden nugget is persistent always pays. Think of the story of the tortoise and the hare. Accomplishments take persistence. By maximizing, your efforts in all of the elements, and securing that tax deferred compounded gains; you will meet and exceed your target goals.