Don’t Just Sit There! Content Distribution Essentials

Your distribution and promotion choices determine the extent your content reaches your audience. Great content is distributed and promoted.

Explore Your Options

Most of us think that the more platforms, the better. Untrue! The challenge with this spray and prayapproach to content distribution is that it does not consider the demographics. So, explore the relative benefits of each platform for your specific niche before sharing your materials there.

Primary Distribution

It is best to start on a single marketing channel that you own, like your company blog, website, or digital flipbooks.  It is easier to manage the information, analyze the traffic you generate on a channel, and observe outcome. Once you build a strong audience of engaged followers, expand to other content distribution platforms.

Build Your Strategy

Successful content distribution requires planning. After creating a list of the viable channel options, build an actionable distribution plan.

Measure how the channels you have selected deliver the desired results.

  1. Research the target audience typical for every channel.
  2. Don’t just share links to your writing; give your readers a hint of what they will find inside.
  3. Decide when you release your content and how often to publish it.
  4. Evaluate the results to know which content and channels drive the most traffic to your website.

If you follow these tips consistently, you will have engaging, loyal customers who recommend your blog, service, products, or website to other users within their network.