Inspired by Simplicity

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Quietly improving their community, this is a story of triumph and reframing of people with autism.  By means of passion and dedication, day in and day out, without fanfare, and self-promoting flamboyance the Alternative Baseball Organization is nudging changes.

Established in 2016, their motto, “Inspire, Hit, Run, Succeed”, shifts perceptions involving the autism spectrum. Autism affects about one percent of the population globally and one in 68 births in the United States. The benchmarks are a spectrum or range of challenges and strengths with verbal and non-verbal communication, social skills, speech, and recurring behaviors.

How often does one meet a person who is creative, takes pride in what they do, and leaves things better than when he found them?

Taylor Duncan is such a person. He is the commissioner/director of the Alternative Baseball Organization, Inc., a developmental baseball organization for teens & adults aged 16+ with autism & other special needs. Duncan established Alternative Baseball’s mission is to break barriers and turn disabilities into abilities. Taylor himself was diagnosed with autism at the age of 4 and understands the need to provide an accepting social outlet for all to learn and be the best they can be. After all, to him, autism is not a disability, it is simply a disadvantage.

As a part of their outreach, their schedule is packed with practices, umpire games, and special events all across the United States. The Alternative Baseball Organization has practices for all participants in the program: Practices make up about 70% of the program. Players participate in many activities tailored to each player’s individual skill level, thus improving confidence, teamwork, social, physical skills, and belonging.

During the season, games are umpired by the Atlanta International Umpires Association. Tailored made game difficulty levels are a hit! Athletes work on their own unique abilities. Some hit overhand, some hit underhand, some hit off the tee, which is all okay, because coaches and player go out of their way to make it work. However, we possible games are played close to Major League and Atlantic League Pace-Of-Play rules and standards of practice.  

The Alternative Baseball Organization, Inc., sponsors include Phoenix Bats, who are the Bat supplier for Major League teams and BOMSS Bat Company. BOMSS is an upstart company founded by an ex-Marine. As a symbolic tribute each letter in BOMSS stands for a friend who passed away fighting for our country.

Special events include The Alternative Baseball All-Star Game. It is the first 9-inning game to feature participants with special needs and professional baseball players from different professional leagues all around the world.  

The organization looks to partner-up and expand their programs and events worldwide to serve the disadvantaged communities everywhere To that effort, thus far Alternative Baseball has requests for assistance from communities in 25+ states and countries. They are on the verge of expanding the movement to promote awareness and acceptance for autism and special needs worldwide. By helping those communities start their own alternative baseball programs, they extend the mission to break barriers and turn disabilities into abilities in the global marketplace.

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