Enjoy the Best Wineries and Wine in Redmond

Popularly known as the home of Nintendo and Microsoft of America, Redmond is an amazing place to live and visit. Living in one of the Parkside Apartments in Redmond, WA, offers you an urban-suburban mix feel, surrounded by the amenities you have always wished for. If you are a wine lover, you get high-quality mead from the following places.

Sky River Mead Winery

This is a perfect place to get exceptional mead and honey wine. Sky River Mead Winery is one of the oldest wineries in Redmond, and you can find it nestled in the rugged foothills of Cascade Mountain Range. You will enjoy every glass of wine in Sky River Mead Winery, usually brewed with hints of apples, pears, berries, and other fruits and flavors. 

Icon Cellars, Redmond WA

Icon Cellars has an array of wines that would suit any customer with a focus on Rhone varietals. Notably, Icon Cellars has won several prestigious awards for its range of quality wines over the years. Some of the most popular wines include the 2017 Petite Sirah and the 2016 Rousanne. Wherever you are in Redmond, you can make an order and get these wines at your Redmond apartment.

Redmon Wines

Redmon Wines is a vineyard that is located at St. Helena Bench Land. This vineyard mostly focuses on small-lot wines. Since Redmon concentrates on small quantities, they take time to create high-quality wines using the best fruits and wine-making processes. Even better, since the vineyard is in an area with rocky and dry soil as well as lush, volcanic soil, the result is a soft and elegant Cabernet Sauvignon of the highest quality.

If you are looking for superb quality wines in Redmond, the above places are a perfect choice. Better yet, after a long day of nature walks, simply make an order and have your favorite wine delivered to your Parkside apartment. Contact our leasing team today to arrange a tour for an apartment in Redmond that you can call home.

Social media summary: Get the best wines around Redmond and enjoy at your convenience in Parkside apartment.