Technology of 2022 – the devices you should be well versed in

It is the start of a decade and already the tech world is buzzing with innovation, here are some gadgets to look out for in 2022.

Electronic cash-less payments

Invisible tickets will be implemented this year. It is an initiative where people traveling by train will require only a mobile phone instead of buying a ticket. Western customers may start to use WeChat Pay and Alipay because payment platforms will begin to accept foreign cards.

AI and customer personalization and experience

Marketers will deploy AI-driven interactive content to create a helpful personalized customer experience. Visitors should expect to interact with surveys, polls, infographics, quizzes, maps, and 360-degree video to enhance customer experience and generate sales from the content.

Seamless multi-channel customer engagement

Platforms Veeva, Optimove, and Bontact will incorporate new AI advancements that will result in the platforms being agile, smarter, and efficient to the user. Their CRM suite will support seamless customer engagement across different channels. The advanced AI-driven enables the efficient use of commercial content.

Data management tech: Integrate Consumer Data across Platforms CDXP platforms, which are rated five-stars, include RedPoint Customer Data Platform from RedPoint Global, Pitchly,, PathFactory, and Richpanel. CDPs in 2022 will feature AI-driven cross-channel personalization, real-time data update, longer customer data retention and be a ready-to-use application. Exponea supports the General Data Protection Regulation.

Conversational marketing

Expect powerful AI bots to replace human customer representatives in a move by companies to save money because chatbots are much cheaper and will always be available.

The strategy for 2022 is to implement Chatbot personalization, where customers will have difficulty distinguishing between a human and a bot.