Secret Revealed: Everything You Need To Know About Low Hanging Fruit in Marketing

Smart business owners know that the best marketing plan is usually the one that offers the quickest results. Sixty-four percent of marketers invest correctly in SEO and other marketing strategies. Low-hanging fruit is a marketing term that refers to the easiest people to attract to your business. If you focus your efforts on that people, your marketing campaign’s effectiveness will easily improve.

  • ●     Types 

The type of customer who is low-hanging fruit for you is defined by your industry. Because they are generally familiar with your firm, former customers are often the easiest to attract. Consumers who drive or walk past your brick-and-mortar store, and those who go out of their way for a good deal, are examples of low-hanging fruit.

  • ●     Triggers 

Understanding these customers’ triggers is important to securing your business. For example, your previous customers may return in droves if you provide special offers to returning customers. Locals who normally drive past your shop are more likely to stop if you make parking easier or advertise a massive deal with large banners. Moreover, bargain hunters will rush to your store if you announce a big discount on a popular item or service.

  • ●     Conversion

Your new strategy should be converting your customers into loyal customers. A personal connection can be created through high-quality and friendly service. Even the most selective clients will return if complaints are handled quickly and effectively. Consider each interaction with a customer as an opportunity to improve their bond with your company. Once you have made a strong connection with your customers, the tougher it becomes for your competitors to acquire them.

Wrap up

As competition is increasing in all the industries and their verticals, it is best to focus on a strategy that converts low-hanging fruit like a cakewalk. Once you have enough cash flow generated by low-hanging fruits, you can use that money to acquire more clients with long-term marketing goals.