Content Begins to Rule the AI Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be taking over several aspects of our economy. With content being king on the internet, it might only be a matter of time before we use AI to generate unique content.

AI includes both machine learning and deep learning – where a machine uses algorithms to adapt to knowledge without the need for humans to give direct instructions. 

What is GPT-3?

There’s a lot to learn about GPT-3, but it’s generally defined as the largest NLP or Natural Language Processing Transformer. It can write texts in a way that mimics human writing, to the extent that many readers won’t be able to differentiate the work from that of human writers. 

How Does this AI Write?

With the use of algorithms, AI like the GPT-3 can utilize the knowledge to create new data. The algorithm keeps feeding it large data to get more improvements. 

What Can We Do with AI Writing? 

There are several immediate applications of AI creating written content. Here are just some examples from the numerous possibilities: 

  • Generating codes and reading them
  • Designing templates for websites
  • Cloning websites
  • Use-case generation for objects
  • Making tables and diagrams in simple words
  • Evaluating artwork
  • Philosophical thoughts
  • Making resumes
  • Translations
  • Making live tickers for sports or news channels

Main Benefits of AI Content Generation 

Here are the top perks of content from AI in the realm of content marketing: 

  • Help in creative content (this should reduce the fear of pressure or writer’s block
  • Speedy writing to save money
  • Using information from customers to create customized content
  • Validating the performance of human content creators and copywriters
  • Highly versatile for all sorts of marketing (including emails and marketing copy.


While some might be wary of having AI write content for their brand, there is no doubt about the numerous benefits of this practice. Of course, we still need human supervision in a lot of areas where AI is gaining traction. At the end of the day, however, one has to remain mentally prepared for a transformation of the writing industry through the implementation of AI.