Content ideas for LinkedIn

Do you and your company have a presence on LinkedIn? We hope so. If one of the central goals of your content strategy is to develop your expert status, this network is the place to do it. Here’s how to get there.


With more than 610 million members, LinkedIn is a rapidly growing platform. While its compatriots, like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, amalgamate a wide variety of content, LinkedIn has a much more specific focus.

Professionals, entrepreneurs, workers of all kinds go to this platform for three main reasons:

  • to gain knowledge in a specific field,
  • to propel their career
  • to promote their organization.

So, you can understand that specialized and high-quality content is perfect for LinkedIn!

What is value-added content?

You’ve probably heard about value-added content. But what is it in concrete terms? What can you publish to interest your targets? Here are 5 main categories to inspire you:

    Educational: technical information, “how-to’s,” lists of best practices and strategic advice are all part of this. In the form of articles, videos, webinars, or white papers, they convey specialized knowledge to your audience.

    Evidence: Testimonials, case studies and project presentations are all part of this category. However, this content must provide something for your readers. It’s not just about promoting your services. Be inspiring.

    Behind the scenes: These can be employee portraits, videos about the history of your company, photos of current projects or albums about the development of a product. They show what kind of employer and business partner you are while making you more human.

    Opinion: Whether it’s expert opinions on polarizing topics or industry news, this content conveys your brand personality and creates engagement. It lends itself well to posts on your employee or senior management accounts that can then be shared through your corporate page.

    Sharing: Occasionally, relaying content from luminaries in your field or from your employees can generate traffic for you. Present these publications by giving your opinion and offering additional information to further establish your expertise.

Skyscraper deeper dive

Be sure to dig into each category, vary your topics and try to use multiple formats:

  • Video
  • Article
  • Short text
  • Photo
  • Survey.

In general, the LinkedIn community does not like corporate-speak that is too sales-oriented. Make sure your tone is human, interesting but still professional.


Finally, create visibility for your individual and corporate pages. End runs to your previous articles. Reply to comments by adding relevant information, be active on the leading groups in your field and ask your employees to share your publications.

Once your content is produced, all that’s left is to present it optimally so that it performs well. Reach out for a visual checklist to better understand LinkedIn’s algorithm.

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