Top strategies for search engine optimization

It is no secret that a rapid rise in search engine optimization remains wishful thinking. A successful search engine optimization is much more than a few good keywords and title attributes. Discovering the right strategy for your own company is often a long process. Even Google currently changes its algorithm about 500 times a year, which shows that even the giants in finding the right SEO strategy may not sleep.

Seven tips for an effective SEO strategy

1. since just the visibility on the web plays an enormously important role, it must be ensured that the own website comes into the Google index. For this to happen, a robots.txt file must be stored. This determines which areas of the page may be crawled and which may not.

2. keywords should not be based on gut feeling. It is more important to analyze the search behavior of users. It is more important to analyze the user’s search behavior and cover the user’s intentions with suitable keywords.

3. The first thing users see on Google is the snippet. Therefore, it is recommended to keep it especially clean, i.e., page title, URL and meta description should not be missing. All other relevant information should also be briefly brought to the point here. An interesting call to action could attract potential customers to the website.

4. when structuring the text, attention should be paid to uniformity and formality. However, even more, important is creating a flat page hierarchy. Few subdirectories make it easier for the Googlebot to crawl.

5. when it comes to writing texts online, short yet concise texts have the edge. Many users don’t have the time to feel their way into long and detailed texts and skim them. Therefore, the rule is a catchy headline, short paragraphs, subheadings, bulleted lists, and media to illustrate.

6. links also play an important role. Internal links simplify the crawling of the page and navigation.

7. Finally, advertising. Backlinks of other pages can help bring the content on Google further forward and increase the popularity. Here not only the sole backlink via social media is enough.

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