Top 4 ways To Increase Software Team Productivity with Staff Augmentation

According to Bloomberg, approximately 54% of organizations experience talent shortages globally. In 36 out of 44 nations, human resource managers find it challenging to attract or find skilled talent for their teams. For this reason, staff augmentation or outsourcing is crucial, particularly when it comes to software development services. Here are four ways to increase your software team productivity with staff augmentation.

1. Ensure effective communication

Effective communication is essential to the success of software development projects. A recent study by Salesforce estimates that 86% of executives and employees cite improper collaboration as one of the causes of workplace failures. This is because improper communication in the outsourcing process can result in misunderstandings that can negatively affect the software development process.

2. Clearly define the role and assess the overall workflow

Defining each developer’s role involved in your software development project ensures that all relevant tasks are handled on time and efficiently. Both external and internal developers must learn the underlying principles of your development project and how they fit into your company’s mission.

A well-thought-out software development workflow must be implemented for your staff augmentation strategy to be effective. All staff members involved should be aware of the specific steps involved in the project. This includes all scheduled meetings and allocated tasks and to whom. Documenting your workflow properly ensures seamless integration of the augmented staff into your team.

3. Carefully document your code

Effective code documentation is the backbone of software applications. You must ensure the augmented team keep a detailed record of their code at each phase of your project. Remember, the software requires continuous updating and maintenance. This is why having multiple developers who can understand the code makes it easy to identify potential risks and address them. Your organization and the augmented team should decide on a collective approach to document code.  

4. Encourage flexibility

Augmented teams are easy to integrate if organizations encourage flexibility in the development process. Various development approaches such as Agile allows teams to be flexible and achieve the desired results.

Working with an augmented team requires a certain level of compromise. These teams often have exceptional experience collaborating with in-house developers and unique insights into developing and workflow best practices. Encouraging feedback and remaining flexible gives augmented teams the chance to help identify more effective working methods.

Wrap up

Staff augmentation allows you to take advantage of highly experienced developers. To boost your team productivity with staff augmentation, you must ensure effective communication, define roles and workflows, ensure proper code documentation, and encourage flexibility in your software development approach.

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