Can We Achieve the Perfect Mind?

Having a good mind is fairly common. But what if we want to achieve a perfect or beautiful mind? As it turned out, we can work upon building our minds just like some people work on building up their bodies. 

How to Start Having a Perfect Mind

There is a lot we can do to make our mind develop and get better and better over time. There are even several books on the subject, such as Edward de Bono’s “How to Have a Beautiful Mind.” Before we start any practices, it’s a good idea to read a couple of relevant books on enhancing our mind with all its functions. 

What Does a Perfect Mind Mean?

Having a perfect or beautiful mind could mean many things, which are still under debate. However, a few points are usually agreed upon, including the following:

  • Relative ease of exploring ideas with other people
  • Appreciating points of view that are different from our own
  • Ability to find differing alternative methods or possibilities
  • Openly exploring the reasons for any different situation in opinions
  • Seeing the greys in between black and white opinions, beliefs, mindsets, etc.
  • Aim to remain interesting

What Can Be a Base for the Perfect Mind? 

Certain basic concepts can become a foundation for building the perfect mind. These include: 

  • Exploring different ideas rather than arguing that ours is the best
  • Disagreeing gently rather than aggressively
  • Striving to be interesting rather than showcasing cleverness

Wrap up

Developing and achieving a perfect mind requires a lot of hard work and commitment. But it should be worth all this effort. There are many ways to agree, disagree, show that one is interesting, and identify differences. Working on these aspects through mind mapping can hopefully help us develop a better way of thinking and an overall better life as well.

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