Tips to Grow Your Tresses and Maintain the Length

Everybody wants long, healthy, and curly hair. What most people do not understand is that it takes work. However, it’s best to hang on health than the length. Healthy hair can be lengthy but damaged lengthy hair is unhealthy is on the verge of thinning or breaking. Here are four amazing hacks for growing your tresses and retaining the length.

Keep Your Scalp Hydrated and Hair Moisturized

The curlier your hair gets, the drier it gets. This is because of the curl pattern. Natural oils from the scalp find it hard getting past some curl patterns, hence using a moisturizer every once in a while, is key. Make this a routine and a regimen on your wash day to keep the entire hair shaft hydrated. Also, remember to use the right hair products and take lots of water to keep your scalp hydrated.

Style to Protect

While styling your lengthy hair or growing hair, it’s best to find a style that requires less manipulation and fixing. This way you do not get to tamper with your hair or keep styling it all the time. Styling your hair like this allows it to grow with no interferences and is also less hectic for you. We all know how hectic it can get with hair. Whatever hairstyle you choose, remember to keep your hair clean.

Deep Condition Your Tresses

Deep conditioning is a must-do, whether you are all-natural, just got natural, or are transitioning. Doing this on every wash day will do the magic. However, it’s best to know your hair type from a hair professional to determine how far apart you shout schedule wash days. This will help with building and strengthening the new hair follicles.

Be Simple and Patient

Natural tresses are delicate, especially when it comes to retaining the length. Remember to keep your hair routine simple. Shun the common and popular belief that a complex routine and a mixture of hair products get the job done. Also, take it easy and exercise patience. Growing rich abundant tresses takes time.

Love your hair as you love yourself. Hair can be and is a lot of work but this is the only way to grow long silky tresses and retain the length.

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