Your Beautiful, Great Mane A guide to a Smoother Transition When Going Natural

Going all-natural is a bold move, more particularly because of the hassle it takes to grow hair to a desirable length. Going for the big chop is the easiest way, but is it what you want? Transitioning and retaining the length at the same time is hectic. Not to worry though as here is a guide for a smooth transition to new beginnings.

Switch to a Proper Diet

Moisturizing and nourishing your hair from within is as important as doing so with a moisturizer and an array of expensive hair products. Internal moisture from the skin is very important. However, this you can only achieve with a proper diet. Eating healthy foods and drinking a lot of water nourishes your skin, which promotes hair growth- healthy hair growth.  

Invest in the Right Tools

Hairbrushes and combs play a vital role in maintaining the texture and strength of your hair. While doing the transition, it’s best to go for a wide-tooth comb and soft brushes. Your hair cannot afford to suffer breakage during this transition period. The right kind of comb and brush for your hair type will help you oil and moisturize your hair and keep it neat and style it.

Find the Right Products for Your Hair

Natural hair dries up faster due to curling patterns. Curl patterns limit oils from traveling down the tresses for moisturizing. If you suffer this, you may want to consider hot oil treatments with a steamer at least once a week. This is meant to soften your hair and lock in moisture.

Improve Your Hair Texture

Good hair texture is easy to maintain and allows for an easy transition to natural. Dampen your hair by using a leave-in conditioner and curl activator for a uniform look and silkier texture.

The journey to a natural look is not for the impatient and soft-hearted. However, it is quite rewarding and one that teaches you a lot, not only on hair care but also on skincare as they work hand in hand.

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