Negative impacts of Social Media

About 64% of Americans believe that social media has a mostly negative impact on how things are going on in the country, according to a 2020 Pew Research Center survey of adults in the United States. Those with a negative view of the effects of social media mention misinformation, hate, and harassment they may have seen on social media.

They are also concerned about a growing number of social media users who believe everything they read on social media platforms. Here are the negative effects of social media.

The negative impact of social media on kids

On the one hand, social media platforms can help children learn various forms of connections with friends they have never met and valuable communication skills. However, the biggest challenge comes from regulation. Children need a top-down structure to help them put dangerous online interactions into perspective and unplug whenever necessary. Bullying, cliques, and sexual content are other significant risks of social media use among children.

The negative impact of social media on teens

Teenagers have greater freedom and access to electronic devices than children. However, it is easy for them to get caught up in dangerous interactions online, particularly on social media platforms. Remember, teens often see the current moment as a long-term reality instead of fleeting. This is why bullying and different forms of exploitative online interactions hit teenagers harder than adults.

The negative impact of social media on adults

Most adults who consume too much social media content may find themselves impulsive and sometimes unable to drive joy from their daily routines. After all, nothing is as funny and strange as some corners of the internet.

The negative impact of social media on the society

Across different age groups, the negative impact of social media on society may include widespread mental health issues. For example, individuals with ADHD are likely to see worsening symptoms, particularly if they must self-motivate or work remotely. Improper use of social networks can also worsen loneliness and depression.


Social media is both good and bad. When used assertively, actively, and mindfully, it can help you establish deeper connections with people and reap the benefits of such connections. However, social media has a dark side. Improper use of social networks comes with a long list of negative effects discussed above.