Safety on Social Media: 4 Tips to protect yourself

Social media has grown significantly, and many have paid a steep price few saw coming; the loss of privacy. You probably know that the impulse to share has caused many people to inadvertently expose themselves in ways that can compromise their online safety. Although many social networking sites might feel like an invitation-only group of friends accessible 24/7, it is not necessarily a closed, safe universe.

Stay safe on social media.

Here are tips for managing the information published on your social media profiles and staying safe when using any social network.

  1. Know that all online activities leave a trace

Think of the internet as an elephant – it never forgets. Although spoken word leaves a little trace and may be forgotten easily, the written word can endure the online environment. Therefore, whatever you tweet, share, post, or update, even if it’s deleted immediately, can be captured by someone without your knowledge. Therefore, be careful what you share on social media.

  • Be discreet about your location.

Take care to avoid revealing or sharing your address, which can make it easy for burglars to target your home. Remember, you can share this information inadvertently, even without typing. To prevent that, disable location tagging on your device.

  • Handle your passwords carefully.

Never keep your passwords in your web browser. If your laptop or phone is stolen, the saved passwords can offer access to your social media accounts, emails, and shopping platforms. All these platforms often contain a lot of information that identity thieves could use.

  • Use private messaging

It’s recommended to make it clear to your family members and friends that the best way of communicating with you is via email or private messaging instead of posting on your page. Never hesitate to delete something too personal, even if it was posted on your timeline by a loved one.


Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms are fun. That’s the reason more than 50 percent of the United States population uses social networking sites. However, don’t be lulled into a false sense of security when it comes to protecting your personal information on social media.