Deconstructing Anxiety & Conquering Fear

Fear and fulfillment are the prime drivers of human life, the greatest forces that often drive human experiences. To most people, fear is a constant companion, whispering in the ears of impending catastrophes and lurking dangers. On the other hand, fulfillment is the high purpose that calls you and compels you to discover wholeness and freedom far beyond what you thought possible.

Fear distorts what you know.

Anxiety and fear manipulate your perception. In so doing, it can lock you into a belief that it is essential to secure your safety and pursue your good. Unfortunately, following fear’s guidance inevitably backfires, which creates and maintains more fear. For this reason, you should practice the concept of “doing the opposite.” That means you must reverse your usual, habitual response to anxiety or fear and find your path to fulfillment and freedom.

Conquering fear

Anxiety and fear can keep you from dealing with unavoidable emotions and situations. Here are expert tips to help you overcome paralyzing patterns of behavior.

Leverage your fear instead of avoiding it

Fear is sometimes nature’s way of awakening you to danger, like when an animal is about to chase you. It puts you in a somewhat heightened state of performance and awareness, and if you leverage it, it helps bring out the best of you. Remember, fear is not designed to keep you inactive but to help you act in ways that generate the results you want. So, embrace your fear as instructions and let it guide your actions, not controlling them.

Don’t rush into action.

We all admire individuals who are quick to act. However, being deliberate, creating a well-thought-out plan, and pacing yourself are also good actions. Many successful undertakings have been ruined or threatened by haste. Whenever fear strikes, consider whether the right action is to evaluate your options and make an informed choice instead of just jumping into action.

Educate yourself

Sometimes, you’re afraid of nothing so much as the unknown. Suppose your fear is based on misinformation or lack of information. In that case, it is best to get the knowledge or information you to evaluate the situation based of facts instead of mere speculation.

Wrap up

Everyone experiences anxiety and fear, but what defines you is how you handle it. The secret to conquering fear is more than just overcoming it, but using fear to your advantage. Therefore, you must learn to recognize when fear is useful, and it’s not.