Looking Good 40+

Women get the same message about getting old so frequently that it is nearly impossible not to internalize it – as your number of years increases, your looks are likely to go the opposite direction. However, the truth is that there is no specific age limit on looking great. In fact, you might find yourself feeling more attractive and confident as you get older. That’s why some grannies are looking good at 40 or more years.

Today, you will see grannies in their 40s who look like they’re 15 years younger. You will also see those in their 40s looking older than that. So, why is this happening?

1. Fashion choices

Most people believe that mature women shouldn’t follow fashion trends but dress comfortably. This is the wrong attitude that might make you look older than you are. Being in your 40s is a great time, and you can always wear high heels and dresses as much as you want. Remember, it’s essential to have a measure in fashion too.

2. Hormonal changes may be inevitable, but you can control them

Estrogen, the main female hormone, decreases considerably in your body as you age. This hormone is responsible for your skin’s thickness and elasticity. Low levels of estrogen could impact your overall skin glow. Fortunately, a healthy diet consisting of tofu, broccoli, flax seeds, and other healthy foods can keep your estrogen at the recommended levels.

3. Your hairstyle matters too

Although many people associate short hair with a more mature look, having super-long hair might be adding years to your physical appearance. As you age, your hair will likely get dry, brittle, and prone to split ends. That means the longer your hair is, the less well-kempt it might look.

4. Weight affects aging

Being overweight will make you look older than you actually are. If you want to look great in your 40s and are already overweight, consider losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight.

Wrap up

For many women, the 40s is an age where they begin to struggle with issues that might seem to have cropped up overnight. The four secrets from gorgeous grannies in their 40s will help you make the necessary lifestyle changes to ensure that you look great in your 40s.