Top 4 Business Books for Women

In today’s business world, female entrepreneurs are making significant achievements. They’re running successful businesses, have higher levels of education, and some of them are breaking the glass ceilings across multiple industries. Here is a selection of top business books for women that can help you gain valuable insights and inspiration, particularly if you want to embark on a journey into the business world.

1. Secrets of Six-Figure Women

Women are now earning more than ever, despite the odds. If you want to join this generation of six-figure income earners, read Barbara Stanny’s book, which reveals an informative blend of interviews and research to teach people how to up their overall earning potential. Barbara walks readers through various challenges women face in business and addresses the common pitfalls that prevent them from making the income they should.

2. An Economist Walks into a Brothel

Part self-help and part philosophy, this Allison Schrager’s book walk the readers through unexpected situations and the mathematics behind them. Schrager evaluates the risks inherent in life and offers clarity on how to make the right decisions to maximize one’s odds of success. Indeed, the book offers five risk-management principles that could help you make the most of opportunities.

3. Radical Candor

As a leader, you cannot afford to beat around the bush if you want your colleagues and teams to take you seriously. Kim Scott’s Radical Candor teaches you to stand up to adage about humility and politeness without turning into a jerk in the process. In place of passivity, Scott provides a framework to challenge directly and care personally, empowering women in leadership to establish better relationships and build their careers further.

4. Get Over Your Damn Self

Former PR executive and lawyer Romi Neustadt made it to the top of corporate life, but she decided she needed more. With a combination of creativity and tenacity, she carved out a sales & network marketing empire that offered her the flexibility and freedom she craved. Her book will help you cut through the noise of traditional business advice and offers valuable coaching for women who deal with various challenges that men rarely see.

Wrap up

Whether you are an ambitious professional competing for promotions or a founder of a startup, you no longer need to struggle alone. There are so many women who have survived the gauntlet and are eager to share their wisdom and experiences through books.