6 Best Budgeting Apps for 2022

Budgeting apps are great to help you track your income and expenses to see where your money is going to have better control over it. Meanwhile, some apps have some extra features. So, check out the best budgeting apps for 2022 below;

1.    You Need a Budget (YNAB)

Pricing; $98.99/year and $14.99/month

YNAB is a favorite budgeting app for many people, but it is costly. It offers a 34-day free trial. YNAB allows you to synchronize your bank account and input your data manually. There is also a video course.

2.    Mint

Pricing; Free

Mint is an Inuit-owned budgeting app on this list. It tracks your past spending habit and can be linked to your bank account. Mint also has a feature that splits your expenses into categories like bills, shopping, and transportation.

3.    PocketGuard

Pricing: Free with some limitations

Premium: $34.99/year and $4.99/year.

The PocketGuard app allows you to synchronize all your monetary accounts in a single place and track their transactions. You can track your bank accounts, credit cards, savings, loan, and investment accounts on PocketGuard. It also automatically help plan your budget-based earning and spending pattern.

4.    GoodBudget

Pricing: Free

Premium: $7/month and $60/year.

GoodBudget is a unique budgeting app that uses an envelope budgeting method to track and manage your expenses. It has over 31,000 ratings on Google Play and Apple Store, respectively.

5.    Personal Capital

Pricing: Free

It is an investment app that can also satisfy your budgeting needs. You can link your monitor checkings, credit cards, 401(k)s, IRAs loan, and mortgages with the Personal Capital app. It is a highly rated app on App Stores.

6.    Honeydue

Pricing: Free

Honeydue is another unique budgeting app that is best for couples. It allows partners to view their budget on the same app and synchronize bank accounts, investments, loans, and others.