How Can We Get More Vital Energy?

Vital energy has many names; people know it as life energy, mindfulness, and several other titles. However, the basic definition of this is quite difficult to pin down. 

Perhaps, we can define vital energy as the strength to get us moving through life, the motivating factor that spurs us on to be better human beings. 

Vital energy can be the driving force in many people’s lives to accomplish tasks. Others may find the same motivation from other aspects of life; their family, children, career, or charity work. For most people, there will probably be a combination of various aspects. 

What If We Start to Lose Vital Energy? 

With a busy lifestyle, most people might lose their vital energy by getting too focused on their worries. However, losing vital energy can lead to a person feeling distracted and restless. Fortunately, there are some practices that we can try out for gaining more of this energy and greater mindfulness. 

Tips for Having More Vital Energy

The following practices can help us become more mindful, which can help in regaining vital energy: 

  • Spend a few minutes daily to just focus on nothing but your breathing
  • Go outside for a walk in nature. But just pay attention to your walking instead of thinking about everyday things
  • Take several short breaks each day. During these, focus on the feeling of your body, your feet, the chair’s leather, etc.
  • Try not to multitask too much; give one task your full attention at a time, and then, start completing the next task
  • Keep a journal for relieving your feelings and thoughts


Mindfulness or vital energy can do a great deal in helping us live our best lives. Start working on the tips above today and see the difference they make! Visit for additional interesting posts.