The Difference between Energy and Vitality

Most people consider energy and vitality to be synonymous whereas we can safely say that there is a difference. Let’s look at the two examples to show the contrast:

  1. A dying, 90-year-old man with cancer takes care of himself because he has vitality, even though he doesn’t have much energy
  2. A swimming champion with cough has a lot of energy but barely any vitality

Energy is the strength of your mind and body. On the other hand, vitality is the desire to live and prosper. Fortunately, it’s possible to enhance both energy and vitality. The following tips will help you out:

Introduce Clean Eating into Your Life

Love junk food? Who doesn’t! But putting processed carbohydrates and unhealthy fats in your body could harm your levels of energy and vitality. The best bet is to incorporate the addition of healthy foods into your daily diet. These foods include honey, bananas, green vegetables (such as spinach and broccoli), nuts, lean meat, and brown rice. Cut down on your calories and keep yourself hydrated.

Try Acupressure

Sometimes all it takes to bring back that lost energy is the application of traditional treatment methods. Acupressure is one such therapy. It is popular in Chinese medicinal purposes and can be effective in minimizing pain or symptoms associated with certain illnesses. The result will be an enhanced level of energy.

You should know about the right pressure points before trying acupressure. It’s also wise to consult a certified health practitioner.

Say Good-By to Stress

Stressing over several issues at once might trigger anxiety. Instead of overthinking about a certain problem, get over it by diverting your mind. You can do this by taking out time for leisure activities. Interacting with positive people will also do wonders in terms of enhancing your energy and vitality.

Take away

We derive energy from all that we eat and drink and from our metabolism. Likewise, vitality is derived from everything that makes us happy. Maintaining both energy and vitality is possible by making smart lifestyle choices. Get more informed by visiting