5 Branches of Physiology for Wellness

Human physiology is a section in the diverse study of functions of living matter. In academic physiology is a branch of biology that explains the functions of plants, animals, and microbes.

It is an independent field of study within professions, such as human physiology. Therefore, focusing on the sub-branches that enhance human wellness is important to mental and physical health. 

Human Physiology

Currently, humans are benefiting from applied physiology in different ways. According to Olofin (2016), human physiology studies body functions. The book highlights three approaches in its research:

  • mechanistic,
  • teleological,
  • and integration between the two methods.

The study explains how the human body system works and develops a need. Understanding human functions lead to industry preventive and treatment innovations to fight health dysfunctions. More so, by using the mentioned approaches, experts have established and are applying five important branches of physiology in human life. 

Essential Branches of Physiology

In evolutionary medicine, human physiology was incorporated in medical research to innovate and create drugs for successful treatment and procedures to prevent earlier untreatable conditions.

Today, professionals apply psychology to solve human issues in health, the workplace, and the education system. Concerning Ruhli et al. (2016), the ongoing evolution of human physiology focuses on the study and research of the following five branches:  

  1. Adaptation-Focuses on normal human functions such as brain functions.
  2. Homeostasis-Study of factors that affect physical health, such as diet.
  3. Environment-Study of surrounding impact like self-esteem led to health issues.
  4. Aging-Explains age-related conditions such as menopause. 
  5. Science-Focuses on benefits of physiology in human health and disease. 


The evolution of physiology in medicine has facilitated discovery and successful treatments of some conditions. Currently, the population can take advantage of applied physiology to prevent and treat conditions. Women can now prepare for menopause at earlier ages. More so, humanity should be thankful to science for assuring them good health.