How to Drive Employee Engagement for Your Remote Team

Remote work and remote teams have been on the rise over recent years – more specifically since the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic. More companies and organizations are adjusting to this new remote normal if not already settled. Remote teams tend to be happier, engaged, flexible, and more productive.

However, remote workers face challenges as well as much as the working arrangement seems to be more convenient and they need to be engaged constantly to remain fecund. Here is how to drive engagement for your remote workers.

Use Technology to Stay Connected

Communication is key in any working environment, including this one. Technology now offers an array of channels to keep the communication going even while working away from each other. Consider using live streaming platforms such as Asana, Zoom, and slack – just to mention a few, to engage your remote team. Digital chart platforms and emails are amazing ways of communicating, but face-to-face communication does the trick when it comes to keeping remote teams engaged.

Recognize Remote Team Contributions

Most times, remote teams put in more hours than in-office teams. Since they are not physically present at the office, they can easily be forgotten or bypassed. As an employer, come up with a recognition platform online so that remote team members get recognized and can view and comment in real-time. Team recognition is a key way to foster employee engagement.

Allow Room for Flexibility

One great thing about remote workers is their flexibility. As much as you may have set deadlines and time around meetings, it’s wise to give your employees autonomy for the rest of the time. Not only trust them to do their job, and on time, but also show them that you do. Developing trust between employees and the employer is crucial in driving remote team engagement.

Its already clear by action that remote teams is a thing to stay, but will only remain productive with unceasing engagement