Top Women Gamers on YouTube

While computer gaming might have been a male-dominated zone in the recent past, the modern woman has broken that stereotypic mentality. While the male counterparts still overshadow the female gamers, the female gamers have left a mark that every YouTube gaming fan knows and would want to be associated with. Female dominion in online gaming has changed rapidly. The female gamers inspire the upcoming girl child interested in computer gaming and technologies. Additionally, female gamers also possess a strong influential capacity due to the gaming framework they present. Three of the best female gamers on YouTube are as follows (This article uses code names on the gaming platforms and YouTube as well)

1.    iHasCupquake

The female icon, whose real name is Tiffany Garcia, has been a successful YouTube gamer for quite a long time. Statistically, she had received over 2 billion views on YouTube since 2010, when she initially began posting the gaming videos. Her favorite game that made her a YouTube sensation was Minecraft. Tiffany has 6.3 million subscribers and holds the record of most-viewed female YouTube gamer.

2.    SSSniperWolf

Lia (her real name) has been the internet gaming sensation ever since she uploaded her gaming videos in 2013. Lia’s favorite game is Call of Duty, among other games she has done like Overwatch, Fortnite, or Grand Theft Auto. By 2021, Lia had hit 30.5 million subscribers. She is an influential gaming icon who has also challenged her male counterparts on online gaming.

3.    LDShadowLady

Lizzy is another gaming lady, going by the alias LDShadowLady has gained 1.5 billion views cumulatively and 6.57 million subscribers. She created a niche of her own celebrity gaming stature in the competitive gaming arena. Her favorite games are Call of Duty and Minecraft.