Uses of Water Trucks in Construction

Water trucks are important in construction and mining as they play a significant role. Water trucks, also called water tanks, are special vehicles designed to haul water in large quantities with a large container in the rear.

Water trucks come in various designs and sizes, some of which can contain up to 10,000 gallons. Filling and spraying capacities vary from truck to truck, depending on the purpose. Water trucks serve essential purposes like water distribution to rural areas, farming, and dust control or suppression in construction sites. What is the rundown of the uses and functions of water trucks in construction.

Dust control and suppression 

One of the uses of water trucks in construction sites is for dust control. Jobs that involve excavation or large-scale construction raises dust. Dusty sites slow down work and can be harmful to one’s health, increasing chances of asthma, irritation, and other ailments. The trucks are designed with a spray nozzle through which water is properly distributed.

Water Supply

Sometimes construction sites are remote. If water is not available, the water trucks will be needed to supply water for construction and portable water (water safe to drink and prepare food) for the welfare of construction crews.

Emergency purposes

In cases where emergencies arise like a fire outbreak, water trucks transport the water needed to quench the fire. In addition, as a proactive measure they can dampen fire-prone areas as a preventive measure to reduce the risk of a fire outbreak.

They are also useful in fighting drought, irrigating farmlands, soil compaction, mining industries, residential water supply, and urban community service.